The Heart of an Engine

The heartbeat of car,

Horses raging in the engine,

Rubber begging to melt,

You won’t see me again.

The wave of closing door,

The shouting of the key turning,

Hands on the wheel and foot on the gas,

All I see now is the world slowing.

Some people fear the gas pedal,

My heart begs to touch it,

If you get me going,

You can climb in and sit.

I’m alone in my own zone,

Everything is mine,

The line between god and me,

Tends to grow very fine.

The road is all that’s seen,

Not a thing is over passed,

So fast,

Everyone’s time remains trashed.

You can get mad and cuss,

Just fuss and pout,

But this is my world,

So just open the door and get on out.

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