The Joker

Nicki was the neighborhood prankster and school joker as long as one could remember. It is hard to believe that she was still able to maintain the good grades she needed for college. If she had her way she would not be going.

Nicki was obsessed with the supernatural. She loved scary movies, alien movies, and anything that would give her ideas for pranks to play on her fellow students and family. She had become quite good at what she did and actually started to write a little, using her pranks as topics for her stories.

Most people who grew up with Nicki were use to her and took it all in stride, but there were a few that hated her and her pranks. They had been frightened one time too many by her tricks. Her imagination was bigger than what they could stand. Ben, Jake and Casey were putting together a plan to pay Nicki back for the times she had scared them on Halloween.

It was only a week until Halloween and Nicki had been spreading a story about a bunch of vampire bats in the caves they all use to play in through the years. Casey had planned to buddy up to Nicki and try to lure her to the big cave on Halloween for a party. They never went in it at night. Nicki knew they probably had something planned for her.

There were many advantages to living and growing up in a small town. Everyone knew everyone. It reminded one of the days when you could allow your children to go up and down the streets alone without worrying. The teens like Nicki could hang out on the beach, hiding in the small caves. There was one cave that was huge that no one ever went in at night. This would be the night.

Ben, Jake and Casey had plans for Nicki. They were going to lure her and her boyfriend into the big cave. They had conveniently put old batteries in the flashlights so they would not last more than a few minutes. After leaving them stranded inside for 30 minutes or so, they would take their flashlights in to get them. It would be the ultimate prank. No one had ever pulled one over on Nicki. Everyone had been talking about the vampire bats, giving way to a few small bets as to who would go into the cave on Halloween.

By the time the party got started it was already dark since a lot of the teens had younger siblings they had to make sure got home okay.

Ben, Jake and Casey were heading back from the cave entrance toward Nicki. They were all hyped up about the bats saying they would really bite you and turn you into a vampire. Laughing and daring anyone they passed to go inside, they made it across the rocks to Nicki. She merely laughed and pulled Hank, her boyfriend by the arm saying, “lets go show them who has guts enough to go in the old cave.” As they ran into the cave there were about 5 more teens following behind Ben, Jake and Casey. Their plans were to turn loose some bats without Nicki seeing them. They had managed to cage some earlier that day.

All of a sudden the flashlight went out. Only one was left. Everyone heard a loud scream and a dark figure pounced down into the ground in front of Ben grabbing him by the throat. The light from the moon showed Casey’s long black hair but she now had fingernails about 2 inches long. As she bit Ben on the neck she scraped her nails down his arm causing streaks of blood to run down. She looked around at everyone afraid to move, laughing a loud ugly laugh. She said, “I knew you guys were up to something so I came down earlier and got to know the bats you had caged.” All of a sudden she turned and loosed all the bats from the cage. As each person tried to run, there seemed to be a bat there to stop each one of them. Nicki was excited because now she would have friends just like her.

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