The Karma Foundation Offers Cause-Conscious Camaraderie

You may be familiar with the word “karma” – the idea that every action taken by a person generates energy that is then returned back in kind. The belief that by bringing happiness and success to others the universe will return the favor. It is this guiding principal that distinguishes the Karma Foundation’s private membership lifestyle organization from all others. This über-elite social group boasts philanthropy-driven networking, revelry and access…and delivers on its promise in spades.

Taking root in Beverly Hills, California in 2005, The Karma Foundation was established as a way for power players world-wide to gather, meet, greet, expand their business influence and socialize. This is facilitated by the organization through elite socials held in the most luxurious settings and through its high caliber “Kandy” events intended to enrich the members’ lives and expand their spheres of influence while benefiting noble charitable causes.

Karma members are the who’s who, the movers and shakers, the people you want to know. The remarkable roster boasts heads of industry, philanthropists, entertainment moguls, successful business owners, taste-makers, leaders, adventurers, experts, tycoons, virtuosos and connoisseurs from around the world – all with a penchant for fun and philanthropy, of course. By providing its members with ultimate experiences and specialized access, the Karma Foundation seeks to create “positive societal change and facilitate good things coming full-circle.”

Socially speaking, the Karma Foundation provides its members with an array of luxury lifestyle and hospitality services, including global access to world-class lodging, gaming, entertainment, nightlife and amenities. This includes VIP access to sought-after hot spots like renowned nightclubs, hip restaurants, chic hotels, and more. For members, nothing is ever booked up or sold out. Want an impossible-to-reserve player’s suite at a fabulous casino resort in Las Vegas? Karma’s Luxe Services division will make it happen.

The organization’s networking social events occur approximately once a month in posh locations across the U.S., where members and their guests rub elbows with global business people and socialites while they eat, drink and make merry. Karma Socials are held in spectacular style, with representative events having been held on a mega yacht in Newport Beach and a 22,000-square foot mansion in Beverly Hills.

In addition, the Karma Foundation is widely known for its extraordinary Kandy Events – outstanding experiences held in exclusive and sensational social environments with, of course, the organization’s pay-it-forward twist to benefit charitable causes. The Karma Foundation’s Kandy Events have made a huge impact on the social scene with the most outrageous and coveted parties being held each year, including Kandy Masquerade, Kandyland, and Kandy Halloween – collectively the three biggest events held at the Playboy Mansion. This year I attended Karma’s Kandy Halloween event and it exceeded all expectations. Other events include the Kandy Kruise, a full-ship, three-day charter that sets sail on the high seas each year.

Kandy Events are like none other on the social circuit. They are extremely well produced, with each featuring unique themes, concert style production and lighting, A-list celebrities, the best entertainment, world-class operations, exciting venues and, most importantly, the elite, taste-making Karma Members and guests who come from around the world to attend. Entertainment at the events also does not disappoint, with past performers including LMFAO, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Perry Farrell & Mickey Avalon. Additionally, celebrity guests at Kandy Events have included Kevin Dillon and Jenny McCarthy (my two recent celeb-sightings at Kandy Halloween 2011), Paris Hilton, Jeremy Piven, Hugh Hefner, Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Jason Statham, Bill Maher, Carmen Electra, Jermaine Dupri, Ian Ziering and many more.

For each Karma Social Event and party the foundation selects a noble charitable cause to benefit from the proceeds. Collectively, all of the Karma Foundation has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for thoroughly vetted charities, such as Head to Hollywood, Marconi Foundation for Kids, Aids Walk Los Angeles, The Torch Foundation, March of Dimes, Children’s Hospital Orange County, Journey Forward, Reading To Kids, Pay It Forward Foundation, STAR Education, Beating the Odds Foundation and the Komen Foundation. A portion of revenue from Karma Events, Karma Membership dues and Member spending also goes to benefit Member directed charities. In addition, throughout the year the organization organizes special charity/volunteer events called “Karma Cares” in which Members and friends participate to raise funds and awareness.

“Karma is all about community,” said Dylan Marer, CEO of The Karma Foundation. “We’ve welcomed a great group of entrepreneurial individuals who not only gather for professional benefit but can celebrate success on a completely different level. We’re here to facilitate and drive the success of our members by allowing them to network in exciting and exclusive environments.”

The Karma Foundation recognizes the importance of operating as a two-way street. While members pay $3,000 annual dues plus varied costs for tickets per-event, members share the organization’s fundamental pay-it-forward attitude and enjoy knowing that they are giving back to society and making a difference in the lives of those in need while taking part in the world’s most unique and elite events.

If you would enjoy world-class social events and upscale lifestyle experiences that inspire wonder, enliven souls and benefit charity then the Karma Foundation is for you.

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