THE Killing of Caylee Marie Anthony

Mid June 2011 will mark the third anniversary of the death of tiny Caylee Marie Anthony.The murder trial of little Caylee’s Mom,(Casey Anthony)has now been initiated and is in full swing.The opening statement of Casey Anthony’s defense team shocked the entire viewer base as her attorney Jose Baez threw out accusations of sexual abuse of Casey Anthony supposedly perpetrated by her father George Anthony and her brother Lee Anthony……..That speech is now being described as “The Opening Statement Heard Around the World”.I am sure this was planned to distract us using whatever methods possible in order to stop us from thinking about this woman as a murderer and to somehow make us feel sorry for her because of this alleged abuse,wrong !As for myself,it just offended me in that they expected us to believe such a load of stuff.I am no farmer,but I do recognize Bull Crap when it is delivered to me.Not only did they throw out the sexual abuse thing,but they also claimed that little Caylee was never missing at all.They agreed that Casey had lied through the whole ordeal BUT simply out of fear of her mom Cindy Anthony.They claimed that little Caylee drowned in the family swimming pool ,was found by her Grandfather George Anthony who then conspired with Casey Anthony to hide the body from the Grandmother Cindy Anthony.

At this point I am going to solve this mystery.I am so tired of hearing all the lies and crazy theories.Here it is:

The defense is right.Caylee’s death WAS an accident,however not the innocent accident they described in their opening statement.Casey had been using chloroform as a babysitter ever since Caylee had gotten old enough to be a problem for her partying lifestyle.Chloroform ,better known as Zanny the Nanny probably came into little Caylee’s life when she was 6-8 months old, which makes it nothing less than a miracle that she lived as long as she did.The trunk of Casey Anthony’s car became Caylee’s tiny nursery when she was with “Zanny”.Casey became arrogant and way overconfident,almost cavalier in knowing her profincy with the drug and her dirty little secret.She felt superior that she had her own little private joke.It made her feel like a winner until oops,one day she went to wake up this beautiful child and found she had overdosed little Caylee,She (Caylee) was dead.Now,at this point anyone with half a heart would rush her child to the hospital or get help someway but NO,Casey Anthony became panicked alright but only for herself and how this messy situation might foul up her lifestyle.

We can ask questions till the cows come home,however those questions will continue to fall upon deaf ears.Casey Anthony is a pathological liar thus we will never have truth nor closure in the tragic death of this innocent little girl.

In my opinion Caylee’s grandfather and grandmother,George and Cindy Anthony are guilty too but only guilty of being guileless and quite gullible to the point of practical stupidity.

When will we (as a people) start to worry less about the rights of parents like this and more about the possibility that they are sick human beings hiding evil secrets about what their little children are forced to endure day after day.As a nation of parents,grandparents,aunts,uncles and other concerned individuals maybe we need to protect the children first and ask questions later

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