The Little Cowboy

Benjamin was only eight when his obsession with becoming a cowboy started. His mother hated it because of the danger of going through the wild and keeping guard for any trespassers or troublemakers that may be making there way to their town.
This is the reason why Benjamin wanted to be a cowboy, because his dad was one. He was so proud that his dad was who he was and so respected by everyone in their town. He wanted to be just like him.
One summer day, Benjamin begged and begged his dad to take him when he was leaving early to start his day of work. Usually, his father wouldn’t be up for this because sometimes it can be dangerous in the woods outside of town, and he didn’t want to put his son at risk, but since things have been kind of slow and it was blazing hot outside anyone would be crazy to try and pull some tricks in such weather.
Ben’s father started to get his horse ready for riding with Benjamin jumping for joy in the front of the house and his mother shaking her head and rolling out rules of Benjamin to follow. He jumped on the huge horse that stood almost twice his height, and his father sat behind him. They rode into the woods, going fast when Benjamin wanted and slower when the horse needed a break. They weaved in and out of the trees. Benjamin felt like he was flying. His father showed him the places where he likes to go to be a look out for anyone new coming into town.
He showed him the stream he goes to for his horse to drink from. They decided to get off the horse so he could have a break and get water for himself. Benjamin told his dad how proud he was of him and how he wanted to be just like him when he get older. His father was so touched by that he was a hero to him. He loved his son and wanted the best for him.
From then forward, Benjamin’s father took him at least once a week out on his rides, and every time they stopped at the same stream for the horse to drink. After a couple years, Benjamin needed his own horse because he was too big to ride with his father. Several years after that, it was more than once a week he would ride with his father. It became everyday, because now Benjamin was a cowboy just like his father was.

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