The Love of Money

Everything I have I worked to get in on my own

So, why are you trying to take it before I am gone?

It’s my money, home and car to do with as I please

So, why get upset when I don’t fulfill your personal needs.

Haven’t I helped you when you were in need?

Now what you’re asking for is out of greed.

If I don’t leave a dime when I leave this earth

It will be the choice I make

So, don’t get offended if I think all you do

Is Take! Take! Take!

I hope when I leave this world my wishes will be carried out

I hope there won’t be fighting over who has and has not
received what they think they deserve.

I hope you find time to grieve, if only for a minute

And not focus on my riches, because you didn’t put a dime in it.

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