The Loves of Taylor Lautner: Is Dianna Agron Next?

Taylor Lautner has never been short of female admirers. In fact, over the last three years, he has dated some of the most gorgeous women on the planet. Most recently, the “Twilight” hottie was spotted having dinner with “Glee” star, Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn Fabray. The official line is that they are in talks about the possibility of working on a movie together, but onlookers said they looked very cozy! Although it isn’t clear whether or not they really are dating, Lautner has already had more than his fair share of celebrity girlfriends. Here is a look at the other famous ladies he has romanced.

Selena Gomez

Before singer and actress Selena Gomez got with Justin Bieber, she had a brief relationship with Taylor. For a long time, they pretended they were “just friends” but after being spotted hugging and kissing, their secret was out. For a short time, they were a match made in paparazzi heaven, but the relationship was over almost before it began. The gorgeous couple went their separate ways, and the teen hunk quickly moved on to his next girlfriend.

Taylor Swift

Just a few months after breaking things off with Selena Gomez, Lautner began dating Taylor Swift. The actor and the country singer met when filming the movie, “Valentine’s Day,” but didn’t admit to their relationship for a long time. They should have known that you can’t keep anything a secret in Hollywood, and just like his previous fling, it was eventually revealed to the world. Again, it was a very short-lived thing, and three months later, the world’s favorite werewolf was single once again.

Lily Collins

The 19-year-old MTV Movie Award winner isn’t just known for his “Twilight” role. He also starred in the movie “Abduction,” and Lily Collins was his co-star. Lautner and Collins really hit off, and their on-screen romance continued off-screen. Unlike his other relationships, this one continued for more than just a few weeks. While they were together, they constantly gushed about how they had such amazing chemistry, but it lasted for less than a year before the Michigan born actor ended it.

Whether Taylor Lautner and Dianna Agron are going to become the next big Hollywood couple remains to be seen. They would certainly be a stunning pair, but nothing has been confirmed. If it does turn into something special, perhaps this will be Lautner’s longest relationship yet!

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