The Many Uses of Acetone

When the word acetone comes to mind, the first thing we typically think of is the removal of nail polish. But did you know that it works great for other things, too? Perhaps it isn’t only for women anymore. Acetone not only dissolves and removes dried nail polish, it also acts as a solvent to many other products, including glues, adhesives and some cements, proving to be a great addition to any man or woman’s toolbox. Acetone works by breaking down, or melting, the components that adhesives and glues are made of, including those that are considered to be water resistant. For example:
Contact cement Cellulose (for wood and china) Acrylonitrile (For metal or glass) Epoxy Liquid solder Polyester adhesive Super glues

These are a few examples of products that acetone can eliminate. It may not always be easy, and a few applications may be needed, but with a little elbow grease, a little determination and at times, a steel bush, there isn’t much that acetone can’t take care of. So when your mission is to “undo” or to simply clean up a somewhat sloppy job, reach for your or your lady’s nail polish remover as a clean-up tool … It just might help you out of some sticky situations.

Note: As with all chemicals, proper precautions should be taken and safety gear should be worn. Read all labels carefully and follow package directions.

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