The Most Important Thing Kids Should Know Before They Leave Home

I was thinking the other day about what I’ve done as a parent and what I would do differently or do more of while I had my children under my watchful eye, and securely under my thumb, so to speak. We all have that day of reckoning when we are watching our child drive away, off to college, or just to move somewhere else, and we can’t help but ask; did we get it right? So, in hindsight on two children, with two still at home, here are some thoughts.

The most important thing that I can think of is Jesus Christ. Do they know him? One night my oldest son asked me some questions about church. We got into a deeper conversation and some sharing of scripture, and before you know it, he was asking Jesus into his heart. I had security for eternity that we would never be separated again.

A couple of years later, when I had been married to Peggy for about a year, my youngest step daughter asked at the dinner table one night what it meant to be saved. Well, as I am not one to waste an opportunity, I jumped into Sunday School teacher mode, and introduced her to the plan of salvation. With the other children looking on, quiet, just listening, as I gave her instructions on how to pray and ask forgiveness of sin and then for Jesus to come into her heart, they butted in and wanted to be included.

That was the best moment of my life, nothing comes close. Now, my whole family could enjoy the security of the believer. This should be the MOST IMPORTANT thing on any parents’ to-do list. Make sure it’s at the top of yours, or nothing else matters.

I was going to go into a top-ten list of making sure the kids know when to call the police, change a flat tire, make good grades, and cook for themselves, but that stuff is common sense. If we are true Christians, we will automatically take care of the small stuff out of love for our kids. Just don’t be afraid to teach them the most important thing. The thing that will never end, a relationship with Jesus Christ, and you’ll go to sleep every night knowing it’s something you’ll share with them forever. As Thanksgiving approaches, this is what I’m most thankful for, as any parent who shares this experience with me, also should.

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