The NBA Lockout is Causing Basketball Fans to Lose Hope

COMMENTARY | David Stern’s announcement that the NBA would cancel the first two weeks of the regular season was a crushing announcement to basketball fans. As the lockout continues, more and more games are in jeopardy of being missed. This move is a disappointing news to basketball fans across the country. The league is coming off a highly successful season and have several young stars in the prime of their careers.

As a dedicated NBA fan, I’ve lost much of my hope of seeing an NBA season played in 2011-2012. The threat of canceling regular season games was the point where the NFL players and owners knew they had to intensify talks and got their deal solved. On the day David Stern canceled the first two weeks of the season, Stern said the two sides were “very, very apart on all issues”. The NBA’s issues appear more complex than those that the NFL faced and the players and owners don’t seem to be working very hard to solve their differences. Players Association director Billy Hunter recently stated that the players are prepared to miss games and the players appear willing and ready to hold their stance. Fans of the game are left in a tough position. I’m disappointed that it came to losing games and now both sides are causing damage to the fans.

As a basketball fan I definitely plan on turning my attention toward the college game this upcoming season. Basketball is a great game and the college game definitely stands to benefit most on television when NBA games are not being played. College basketball plays during the same time period that the NBA season would normally take place and features young athletes working hard who aren’t being paid and truly play for the love of the game. These college athletes also make up the future of the NBA. There are several talented young stars in college that will make up future NBA rosters and shape the game for years to come. I’ve never been a big fan of the NHL and don’t see it as an alternative for basketball fans. The college game presents an entertaining option within the same sport and provides great rivalries and games all season long.

Like other basketball fans I will keep a close eye on the status of the lockout and hope that it comes to and end soon so that we can still enjoy a portion of a season in 2011-2012.

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