The Older and Wiser Me

I wish I could say I had an interesting life. From where I stand it was not the greatest. I never had the chance to shine, or be the person I wanted to be, until later on in my life.

I needed a push in the right direction, but no one seemed to find this out until later in my life. By that time, I had taken care of matters by myself.

I wish I could say I did many things that intrigued me. I cannot think of a one. I was never allowed to live the life I wanted to live, or love the man I wanted to love. I always had to do what I was told to do

That was not right.

I wish I could say my dreams were fulfilled when I was young. If they were, I would have been a success in so many fields of interest.

But they were not.

It took me half of my lifetime to make my dreams come true. I did much during my life but it was later on in life that I recognized the ‘Real Me’. By then it was too late to change the path my life took in my youth, and

Too late to make a major difference in my life.

But my few achievements make me happy, even at this stage of my life. Somehow I managed to do everything I had wished I had done when I was young

Instead of waiting until I got older.

But there is more I want to do, and I am not stopping there. I have many more things to achieve

So keep up to date by reading my Blog! You might be pleasantly surprised!

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