The Origin of the Freemasons

The origin of the Freemasons is not exactly known but many experts agree that at least the origin of the name came from men who were allowed to travel through all borders of Europe as part of a labor union. This is because of their unique crafting skills and architectural talent in ‘free stone masonry’ and cathedral building in the early 14th century. It was within this large group of traveling experts of superior building and design that began a secret society that all began with a secret handshake. While many may fear the idea of a secret society, it is actually not so secret in reality. The notion of there being a ‘secret’ is in fact a secret that is considered to be deep inside every individual. It is during an initiation process that this secret deep within an individual is unlocked and then transitioned into a type of ‘realization.’ Thus, the secret is in fact knowledge that is actually unlocked within a persons’ mind and soul and even if explained to another individual this ‘secret’ would not be understood.

In Britain, during the time of ‘enlightenment’, men like Sir Isaac Newton turned away from church Dogma and started explaining how the world came to be and exists today through science and reason. It was during this time that many ancient texts that were hidden by the church fell into the hands of great minds and were read through to gain further insight in science and math. These ancient texts belonged to the Pre Socratic philosophers and Socratic philosophers of ancient Greece as well as many other ancient mathematicians and scientists of ancient Rome as well.

This way of thinking was too adopted by the Freemasons. Often they are depicted as devil worshipers and to take part in sacrificial ceremonies but instead they are people who choose to think and believe that science, math, and philosophy can help us to understand creating instead of adopting a monotheistic religion.

It was because of the slaughter of innocent people under the belief that they were committing tyranny for adopting a new form of thought that the Freemasons had to stay underground and organize secret meetings. Their quest for the mystery of the universe through different aspects of knowledge offended the Catholic church for centuries and this remained this way even to the pilgrimage to North America. Freemasonry was even adopted by George Washington and 13 other presidents as well as many American leaders that signed the Declaration of Independence.


“Constitution” Paul M. Bessel

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