The Origin of the Taurus Constellation

Between Aries to the West and Gemini to the East lays Taurus (Latin for ‘bull’) a large and prominent constellation in the northern hemisphere’s northern sky. Taurus’s constellation is visible to the naked eye during the months of December and January; the constellation does not take the form of an entire bull but the upper half. The stars that make up the Taurus constellation form a ‘V’ or an ‘A’ shape depending on the position viewed from. The brightest star belonging to Taurus is named Aldebaran and falls directly where the eye of the bull should be in the V shaped constellation; this star is a bright and magnificent star that is 40 times larger than Earth’s Sun. The Taurus constellation is in full height between April 21st and May 21st.

Carbon dating of pottery and cave paintings has placed the Taurus constellation to have been recognized as far back as 40,000 years ago, but many different excavations of cultures of antiquity place the bull to be worshiped and recognized almost all over the world. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the bull because it marked the renewal of spring time. Spring time was especially important because it meant the rebirth of the planets crops as well as fertility. Proof of worship of the bull can be traced back to the Egyptian pyramids where they associated Taurus as the son of the Sun God Ptah.

Ancient western literature particularly belonging to Greek antiquity describes the bull to be a disguise used by Zeus in order to persuade Europe as his lover. One day when Europe was gathering water from a stream Zeus came down as a beautiful bull and was instantly noticed by Europe. Fascinated, Europe went to pet the bull and eventually climbed atop its back and played with its hair. At that moment the bull took off through the water to the island of Crete where Zeus made Europe his lover. The depiction in the night sky shows only the top half of the bull in representation of Zeus as the bull leaping out of the water. Other accounts suggest that the bull is a representation of the Cretan bull that Hercules faced during his 12 labors.

The Taurus constellation as well as the Taurus horoscope both represents fertility, protection, life and light. The Taurus bull is important to the spring equinox as well as was a sacred animal providing meat and assistance with day to day chores such as farming and hauling. People born under this zodiac exemplify these qualities. Naturally they are strong, independent, determined people that crave knowledge and display astounding leadership. If aggravated, the old saying does come true, if you mess with the bull you are bound to get the horns.


“Bulls, Bears, and Even Cars are Seen in Taurus.” By Von Del Chamberlain

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