The “Paterno Field” Petition: Started Strong and Keeps on Rolling

A petition on was started on January 23rd and has run for a week.

That petition, however, has received 48,443 signatures as of today at 6:50 pm. That petition has one goal: to honor the greatest coach in Penn State football history and the great idol around State College by naming the football field after him.

Blake Tobias Jr. started a petition calling for 107,282 signatures to create Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium. Not only has it received the attention of three major news stations, several news and sports programs, and over forty newspapers, it has received the attention and backing of James Beaver’s grandson, Thomas Beaver III. Tobias has encouraged signees to spread the word over the web and throughout the nation, hoping to gather more support to make his dream a reality. The petition is almost halfway complete, needing about 5,000 more signatures to reach the midway point. Tobias also keeps mentioning that this effort is a team effort, not an individual. These actions push more people to support not only Tobias and the petition, but also the great legend himself, Joseph Vincent Paterno.

Paterno passed away on January 22nd of lung cancer at 85, and Tobias has continued to spread the support, as have the thousands, including myself, that already support it.

In order to complete the campaign, we need more signatures from all of you, and I ask that you that already support JoePa, or the ones that haven’t yet, visit the following link:

For those of you that have signed it, thank you. For those of you that haven’t yet, I hope I see you’re signatures soon.

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