The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nev.

Reno’s Peppermill Resort Spa Casino on 2707 S. Virginia St. is one of the most breathtaking and elegant resorts in the Reno area.

I had the pleasure of working and staying at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino during a conference hosted by my employer and was completely blown away the moment the resort entered our field of vision from the road.

From the outside, the resort resembles a large castle with several towers, a pool and large joining buildings. The bright colors of the buildings themselves throughout the resort create an alluring and vibrant sight!

The lively décor and atmosphere follow you throughout the Peppermill Resort’s hotel towers, suites, casinos, dining areas and amenities as you are guided by red, purple, orange and blue illustrious signs and area color schemes.

Aside from the brilliant lighting effects, the first thing I noticed was the odd orange mushroom shaped lighting fixtures that hung from the ceilings that repeated throughout the convention center areas. They were so unique and elegant that they seemed to mimic the feel of flower blossoms with vines stretching across the length of the halls.

The hotel portions of the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino included the Tuscany Tower Suites, Peppermill Tower Suites, Peppermill Tower Rooms, Peppermill North and Peppermill West.

Room rates range from $70 to $200 per night based upon the tower, room, dates and holidays. Our staff had the pleasure of staying in the Tuscany Tower Suites. These rooms were considerably large. The sleeping area contained two king size beds with plush pillow tops and a large quantity of fluffy pillows. The room also included a high definition LCD television, one closet, a desk and a sitting area. The bathroom seemed bigger than the sleeping area, as it provided a large marble double sink, sitting area to apply makeup, another LCD high definition television, a European soaking tub with whirlpool, a separate marble enclosed shower and a separate toilet area.

The bathroom floor did cause quite a concern, as it was so clean that you slid and slipped each time you entered the area. The room did not contain a microwave or refrigerator. We were told this was available by request and was complimentary, but there were a limited supply for both.

Scattered throughout the Peppermill Resort are many different dining options that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds!

If you’re looking to grab a quick bite to eat, Sports Deli, Café Espresso and Biscotti’s Café are your best bets. The Sports Deli is in the casino where you can grab a sandwich for less than $10. Café Espresso is more of a pastry snaking option as it is home to many different coffees, Danishes, bagels and pastries for less than $10 as well. Biscotti’s Café is quite the temptation of a large array of chocolate cakes, pastries, desserts of all kinds and a great selection of homemade Italian Gelato. One of the great advantages of Biscotti’s Café is that you can place to go orders at the Café for the actual Biscotti’s restaurant which is located right around the corner from the Café. Biscotti’s Café can be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it!

Biscotti’s Restaurant is one of the several casual dining eateries in the Peppermill Resort, along with the Island Buffet, Oceano and Café Milano. All except for Biscotti’s are in the casino area. Each of these restaurants has its own themed atmosphere that make you believe that you have ventured out of the hotel and into the Reno/Vegas world! The menu choices for all the above mentioned restaurants can range from heavy appetizers to burgers with an attitude, to seafood, to simple choices such as salads and soups. Two people will not be able to dine under $30.

If you’re looking for the most esteemed dining in the Reno area, the Peppermill Resort has that as well. Chi, Bimini Steakhouse, and Romanza are the fine dining locations to look for if you have the taste for Asian, steaks, and superb Italian cooking. Meals at these locations can easily cost $50 per person.

No matter where your taste buds travel, you can be sure that whether you are paying $20 for a meal or $50, the portions are very generous!

After eating a large meal, what better way to let your stomach settle than to try to win back the money you spent on dinner! Look no further, the Peppermill Resort casino isn’t far away! Located within the hotel itself, the casino has a huge variety of table games and more than 1,500 slot machines to choose from. Whether you’re just visiting or a regular player, you can get your free Passport Players Club card, which eventually can lead up to winning free play and prizes.

If gambling isn’t your type of excitement, then go relax! The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino has a luxurious Roman inspired spa that includes the nation’s only Caldarium with indoor pool, garden and sun deck. The spa has more than 20 rooms where you can pick and choose your relaxation through massage, facials, hydrotherapy and more. Estimate around $75 and up for your choice spa treatment.

The Peppermill Resort offers a very large range of amenities. If spa treatments and gambling aren’t what you are looking for to relax, there are two pools, three jacuzzis, a fitness center, arcade, nightclubs, music and shopping areas within the resort.

The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino is an extravagant and wonderful choice for your stay in the Reno area. I highly recommend it! The resort itself could literally be all you need for a week’s vacation of fun, relaxation and a chance to spoil yourself! You deserve it!

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