The Pet Piller by Buster: An Inexpensive Tool to Help Give Your Indoor Cat Medication

If you own a cat then you know how hard it can be to give your cat medication whether it is daily or monthly. I have two indoor cats and give them deworming medication on a monthly basis, and this is no easy task even with two people involved. I recently purchased the Pet Piller made by Buster off of Amazon and it has been a real blessing when it comes to giving my cats medication and here is my review of this amazing product.

The Pet Piller by Buster was inexpensive with a price of about $7 on Amazon and it is the main reason why I decided to purchase this particular product. When it comes to price, the Pet Piller competes with a lot of other similar items but it looks more high quality and had better consumer reviews than most. The main idea behind buying the Pet Piller for me is that I am tired of getting my fingers chomped on by my cats when I have to give them their monthly deworming medication, and it really is getting to become a hassle as of lately. This Pet Piller is very easy to use because it has a soft rubber tip which is where you place the medication and it works for both small and large pills. I had a little trouble getting my deworming medication into the tip at first because you have to hold it just right or else it might fall out.

I proceeded to grab up my cat and hold the neck as I usually do while also at the same time tilting the head of my cat back about 45 degrees and then open the mouth. Make sure you place the Pet Piller behind the tongue of your cat so that the pill can be released right into the throat or else your cat might be able to spit it back out. This is something I was used to doing because I figured out if you place the pill on the side or on the tongue then your cat will likely just spit it back out and foam at the mouth like mine usually do if I mess the placement up. At first I was a little worried about sticking this rubber tip in the mouth of my cat because I was afraid I would choke the cat or hit the back of the throat and my cat would puke, but you just have to use trial and error to find the correct location. Lastly, all you have to do is push in the plunger and the pill will automatically be released into the throat of your cat and then you take out the Pet Piller and then shut their mouth until they swallow.

I would have to say that this is by far the most ingenious product I have ever used in order to help my cat take pills because it is just so easy and takes about half the time. I am usually by myself when I give my cats medication and it is hard for me to hold the cat while also opening the mouth, cutting the pill, placing the pill correctly in the mouth and then making sure the cat eats the pill. For me this product worked wonders because I have one cat that gets four deworming pills and the other cat gets three, so I am usually fiddling with my cats for a good half-hour trying to get seven pills down each month. This product allows you to pop all of the pills in the plunger at once or you can do them one at a time, depending upon which is easier for your situation. I loved this product the most because it is designed just like a hypodermic needle and feels similar in weight, which I have had experience with while working in healthcare previously. I also liked that the tip is soft and pliable but yet firm so even if you do touch the back of the throat your cat will not gag or be able to bite into the Pet Piller, which could result in damage to the item and injury to your cat.

The only bad aspect about the Pet Piller is that some smaller pills could fall out easily if you do not hold it the right way, and this could become a problem. The main way to avoid this is to test the Pet Piller with the pill on your kitchen table to see whether there is any give or place for the pill to fall out, that way if it does you can easily find the pill if it falls on your kitchen table. You should also practice handling the Pet Piller before you actually grab up your cat because they become restless easily and might scratch you to pieces before you get a hang of how to pop out the pill from the tip. Like with most products it is just about practice and trial and error to find the right method that works for you the best. I still recommend putting a blanket or towel around your cat and specifically around claws to prevent from getting scratched because mine still fight me on that front and I have to be careful. You might also consider still using two people if that is what you normally do until you get the hang of the product, how it works and how your cat reacts to this new device during medication time.

Overall, however, I would say that this is probably the best Pet Piller on the market and although it is a little more expensive than the cheaper plastic models, it is well worth the money if you have to give your cat medication daily or monthly. This product can also be used on other small animals and even on dogs so really the possible situations you might use this are endless if you have a lot of critters. I am very happy I got this product because my monthly cat medication chore is now nothing but a simple five minute procedure and the cats do not seem to mind as much either, in fact they hardly pay attention to it anymore.

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