The Philadelphia Eagles Are the Biggest Bust in the NFL

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the midst of the most under-achieving seasons I have seen in my life as an Eagles fan. I don’t even know where to begin with this team. The fans here in Philadelphia are so sick of hearing Andy Reid say “We need to do a better job”. Coaching is where I will begin when talking about the 2011 season.

Andy Reid, who I have been hoping to see go for a few years now, is just failing apart. He seems to have no game plan when it comes running this team on a strategic level. I know the man knows how to manage players, that is something you can tell. He takes some misfits in this league and really has a way of turning them into ball players. He takes on troubled players and cleans their act up. However, when it comes to running a simple offense, the man looks lost.

Let’s start with the Eagles offense. The Philadelphia Eagles have arguably the best running back in the game in LeSean McCoy. The problem is that they choose not to use him when they should. When the eagles have a lead they should be handing the ball to McCoy. In last weeks game verses the Patriots, the Eagles jumped out to a 10-0 lead early.

We all knew Tom Brady was going to put some points up, but the Eagles should have handed the ball to LeSean McCoy early and let him run some time off the clock and keep the ball out of Brady’s hand. When you have the best running back in the NFL, wouldn’t you want him to have control of the ball more often than your second string quarterback? The starting QB is no better in my eyes. Michael Vick fooled us all last year into thinking that he was a pocket passing QB. He is the same old Vick from 2005. Run first, pass second. He scrambles around too much and I believe it throws his receivers off track. They don’t know if they should try to get open or to start blocking because Vick is about to be off to the races. The eagles need to get rid of Vick and get a stay in the pocket passer. Donovan McNabb turned into a great passing QB, and despite all the criticism he received over the years, I believe he is a Hall of Fame quarterback. Jeremy Maclin is a solid wide receiver and DeSean Jackson is a very explosive player. If Jackson could just get his head into the game, he would be a much more effective player. I don’t see him being with eagles long term. Here is a simple solution for the eagle’s offense. Whoever is playing QB, just hand the ball off to McCoy.

The defense is a whole different story. I am not going to sit here and bash Juan Castillo, because it is his first time as a defensive coordinator. Anyone of us would take a chance at a promotion at our jobs and would hope to get some time to get adjusted to the new role. That being said, I believe he needs to start making some changes. He has some of the best cover corner backs in the NFL and he is playing too much zone. Nnamdi Asomugha should be on man coverage every time the eagles play a top notch receiver. Giving Tom Brady a zone defense to pick apart is just a joke. The linebackers are too small and have trouble tackling big down hill running backs. What I hope for more than anything this draft, is that birds go out and get themselves a first round linebacker. They need to address this problem. It is something Andy always ignores and thinks he can make up for it with defensive linemen. It doesn’t work and he needs a leader on that defensive who can step up and make some big tackles. After Brian Dawkins left, the Eagles lost their leader on defense. The safety position is just as bad as the line backing core. They can’t tackle or cover. This off-season the birds need a Line backer and a safety. A few hard hitting guys like the Steelers and Ravens have. Someone of defense who will let the opposing teams know that they just can’t walk all over the field.

This has been a disappointing season for Eagles fans and if they don’t make some major adjustments in the off season, I do not see a different story come next season.

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