The Polish Pact: How Hitler Could Have Prevented a Western European War

When the German army invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, it triggered a World War that ruined Europe. However, I have a theory that had Hitler played his cards right, he could have avoided a Western European war and devoted all his military energies to Russia, “the East,” which is the territory he truly coveted.

And I think he would have beaten Russia if there were no Western European war, which ate up Germany’s manpower and material.

How could Hitler have outwitted Britain, especially Churchill, who was a fervent anti-German and anti-Nazi, and the rest of the Western Europe countries that had non-aggression packs with the Poles?

According to Wilkipedia, “The Sanacja movement controlled Poland until the start of World War II.” I’m not sure if Hitler or one of his henchmen signed a non-aggression pact with Poland. But, if they did not, they should have, with the Sanacja leaders, and created a lot of publicity about the pact.

Meanwhile, the Nazis were right in including the invasion of Poland in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. The treaty put Stalin, the leader of Russia, at ease.

Hitler struck Poland too soon. On September 17th, 1939, when the Soviets broke theor Soviet-Polish non-aggression pact, the Nazis should have invaded Poland very soon after, using the breaking of the Soviet-Poland pact as the reason. After all, Hitler was only fulfilling his non-aggression pact with Poland. He was helping free the Poles from the Communists. Germany was fulfilling its duty to Poland.

But, after invading Poland the Nazis should have kept going, and attacked the Russians, Rather, the Germany-Russia plan was to carve Poland in two. Hitler’s plan with Russia would be negated by Germany’s continued Eastward journey.

And, the plan would have given Stalin one heck of a surprise! When Germany finally did send three million men into Russia, Stalin was the most shocked man on earth. But his shock would be nothing compared to the shock he’d receive if Hitler had kept going from Poland into the Soviet-controlled Baltic states. Stalin’s situation would be totally chaotic.

Also, the plan would have tied Churchill’s hands, as well as the other European nations.

The Nazis were not the aggressors. They were the liberators of the Polish people.

How would Churchill react if the Nazis continued their march into Russia proper?

How would the British public respond if Churchill declared war on Germany? Again, let’s suppose the general public opinion was that the Nazis liberated Poland, and now were liberating the Russian people living under the thumb of Stalin and Communism.

I don’t think there would be much public support for the UK’s entry into the battle, thousands of miles away and no threat to the country. If Churchill had declared war on Germany, it might have been the start of his political suicide. Surely, his successor would pull out of the battle. And, this probably would be the decision of France and the other Western European powers, had they decided to fight Germany. I don’t think the peoples of the Western European countries would stand for a war that did not threaten them.

As for the US, why would they want to get involved with two titans fighting it out thousands of miles away? Like the British public, I don’t believe the US public would stand for entry into a war it had nothing to do with and did not threaten its safety. In addition, beginning on December 7, 1941, US President Franklin Roosevelt had the Japanese to contend with after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Hitler made a great blunder if he did not sign a German-Polish non-aggression pact. Even if the Nazis did sign a pact with Poland, they moved too fast into the country. They should have waited until Russia attacked (suppose telling Stalin they would attack from both sides on the same date, such as September 17, 1939). Then the Nazis could have told the world they invaded to free Poland from Communism.

Instead, Hitler brought Germany to ruin in a two-front war, that slowly, but surely, destroyed Germany, the Nazi Party, and, ultimately Hitler himself.


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