Tips on Flower Gardening

You’ve always wanted to plant a garden, but you’ve never had the time–or the courage. Even if you have a not-so-green thumb, there are some simple tips on flower gardening that will help you to grow some beautiful additions to your front or back yard. Here are some suggestions for transforming the soil around your home into a garden you can be proud of.

The first tips on flower gardening that you follow should teach you which plants to buy. No matter which flowers you want to start your garden off with, you should keep three things in mind. Check to make sure that the plant is compact in size and has lots of flower buds. Make sure that the foliage of the plants is lush and green, and doesn’t have lots of spots or holes. And, the soil that you’re planting your flowers in should be moist and healthy, but not too soggy. Read the tags on all the plants that you’re thinking about buying–this will give you an indication of how much sunlight each of the plants will need once you bring them home.

You can also get some tips on flower gardening from your local florist. If you’re a beginner, you may want to start with impatiens. This types of flowers are very hard to kill, and are an affordable addition to your garden. These plants will add lots of color to your garden as well, and will give you some positive experience when it comes to basic gardening. The only downside to having impatiens in your garden is that they overgrow, so you’ll need to pull them every season. Daisies are another flower that is easy to maintain. These flowers die often, but the buds are always blooming. And they grow back every season, so you don’t have to do the work of re-planting them.

Other tips on flower gardening include knowing how to prepare the soil for the flowers. You’ll need to till or loosen the soil with a hand rake or trowel. Then, you should dig holes with the trowel for each of the flowers that you’ll be planting. It may help for you to add some Miracle Grow to the soil so that your flowers will have more nutrients. If there are a number of roots wrapped around the soil, you should loosen them before you put the flowers in. If you can’t plant the flowers as soon as you get them home, make sure that you keep your flowers in light shade so that they will not be overexposed to sunlight. Water your plants often, and you’re bound to see some great results.

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