Tips on How to Get More Page Views and Traffic to Articles, Blogs, and Web Sites

Why Page Views and Traffic are Important to Making Money on Sites

Two common questions that many people ask when they start writing articles or making blogs online to make money are ‘How do I get more page views?’ or ‘How do I increase traffic?’ to my Associated Content, Examiner, Suite101, or Helium sites. No matter if you just started writing articles or are an experienced blogger, listed here are good ways to make more money and increase your page views and traffic on your sites like Associated Content.

More traffic and page views simply mean that more people are visiting your site and potentially spreading the word. When viewers like the information you provide with article topics or the way you write, they will be more likely to visit your site often in the future and promote your articles or work to others. In turn, more views online will get you more money, increased traffic, and more readers.

How to Get More Page Views and Traffic

Here are some of the best writing tips and ways on how to get more page views and traffic to your web site:

Promote your Articles

One of the first ways to start getting more views to your page is to promote your work. By posting your articles, blog posts, and site information to social media networks like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, you’ll be spreading the word about your articles to a much wider audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO, or search engine optimization, is very important to getting more people to find and read your articles and blogs as well. To gain more revenue, SEO is simply plugging in important key words into an article to let the search engines know what your work is about. When you plug in those important keywords, people will be more likely to find your articles online, read them, and pass them on.

Use and Share Backlinks

Promoting your articles through using backlinks can also be done to increase page views and traffic as well. By writing a thoughtful comment or visiting other sites, plug in your web site across the internet to get more views. From plugging in your links to your articles in other people’s comments to posting your blog and website pages on writing pages, there are plenty of places to use these backlinks You will be surprised at how promoting your work and having your friends and others increase your name gets you more page views and traffic over time.

Use RSS Feeds

RSS feeds further increase your page views and traffic online. You will get more potential readers to find out about your work through these RSS feeds. Many times, you will have readers really like and want to find more about you and your writing if you give quality information and an interesting writing style. However, if you don’t use RSS feeds and the like to help people find your articles, then you won’t be able to make any money.

Make Your Own Blog and/or Website

Lastly, in addition to writing articles, sometimes having a personal blog site or web site is a great way to bring in more money and a more personal sense to your work. From using Google Adsense to bringing in a little extra money online to linking your articles to your website for more information in your knowledge area, your readers will be able to find out more about you as a writer and a person. Making your own blog and or website is often free or available at a very low cost at such places like and

How to Make More Money Online

With these writing tips and SEO and promotion tips, you will find that you will be getting more page views and traffic (and making more money) to your blogs, web sites, and articles on Associated Content in no time. Happy writing!

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