Tips on How to Organize Family Clutter

Does it seem like your house is always a mess? Do you clean your home and then look around it to see that it looks so cluttered that you can’t really tell that you cleaned it? Does it seem like your family has too much stuff? Do you wonder sometimes what to do with all the things your family owns? Here are some tips to help you and your families organize the clutter that accumulates in your home.

Arts & Craft Supplies

If you are into arts and crafts, you know you can’t ever have enough of them. But how can you organize them in a way that you can find them when you want to use them? Consider using a portable caddy to hold some of the most used items. Then the caddy can be picked up and carried to the area in which you plan on using them. Other items can be stored in a plastic dresser in an out of the way corner of your home.


Do your children have balls of all sizes and styles? This can include soccer balls, baseballs and basketball balls? Why not place these balls in a plastic see through container in your garage on the bottom shelf of your storage unit. They will be easy to get to and since the container is through it will be easy to spot where they are when needed.


Is your house running over with DVD’s? Do you hate to through any of these away in case you wish to listen or watch one of them, again? What is the solution for an easy storage idea? First, slip the DVD’s drawers. They take up too much room. Secondly, take the DVD’s out of their covers. Thirdly, place in a DVD & CD photo album. One can normally hold one hundred or more. Organize by alphabetical order for easy access.


The jewelry you wear the most should be placed in a jewelry box for easy access. The rest can be placed in a see through compartmentalized case. This will make it easier to spot that perfect piece that you don’t wear daily, when you are in a hurry. The case can easily sit on your dresser, if there is room, or in your dresser drawer.


Do you have a bunch of games that your family only plays on certain occasions, like special rainy days? You probably hate to throw them out and you are also probably tired of looking at them on a shelf collecting dust. The answer is to purchase a chic looking storage ottoman. Of course, if your family isn’t much into regular board games anymore, video games can also be stored here, as well.

Rain Gear

Does your family have too many rain coats, boots and gloves? Do you wonder what to do with it while the weather is sunny and nice? Why not set up a space by one of the doors? All you need is a few hooks on the wall, a shoe rack, and one open storage bin.

Organization will take some time. It won’t happen in a day or a week. It takes practice and it takes time. Of course, having a space for some of the items in your home will help you become organized that much quicker.

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