Tips to Help Make Flowers Last

Your boyfriend or husband just bought you a bouquet of flowers. You wish they would last forever. You know this can’t happen. But there are tips that you can use to help them last longer. Here is how:

Step One:

Make sure the vase that you put the flowers in is a clean one. To be safe, you should wash it thoroughly before placing the flowers in it. Next you should fill the vase with tepid water, not cold water. If the flowers came with some powder to help live longer, place this powder in the water now. If the flowers did not come with this type of flower, have no fear. You can make your own preservation liquid. Simply add a drop of bleach and ½ coup of soda into the water. The soda needs to be a clear type and non diet. This could include the brands 7 up or Sprite.

Step two:

You need to cut the ends of your flowers before placing in the vase. Simply cut each stem at a 45 degree angle. Make this cut as you running tap water over the flower’s stem. Now strip away the bottom leaves from the flower. You don’t want any of its leaves to become submerged with water after you place it into the vase.

Step three:

Now arrange the flowers in the vase as you like. Make sure you do not overcrowd the flowers vand remember that you don’t want any of the leaves to be submerged in water. Strip away any leaves that you need to strip. Place the vase in bright light, but not direct light. You should also make sure it is away from heat and air conditioners. You may even want to take a picture of these lovely flowers while they are in their peak.

Step four:

Daily replace the water, following the information in step one.

Enjoy your flowers and the wonderful thoughts behind them.

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