Top 10 Beauty Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

Seasonal changes come along with style changes. Below is a list of beauty mistakes you should try to avoid this winter.

Failing to Treat Dry Skin

Taking hot showers in the winter daily to warm us results in dry skin. I had this problem until I discovered Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel. It’s your best bet.

Getting the Color Season Wrong

If you’re guilty of wearing bright eye shadows, either remove the eye shadow and start over with a darker color or simply color over the previous one. Colors that should be worn include blue, black, and brown.

Wearing Liquid Foundation in Winter

Liquid foundation does not adapt well to different environments. Transitioning from inside to very cold weather outside is bad for liquid foundation. If you’ve encountered this, wipe off the make up and apply moisturizer. Then switch to your powder foundation.

Forgetting to Moisturize The Face

A very important skin care step to remember is moisturizing prior to applying make up. If you forget, your cover make up will not go on as easily and any powder make up will make you look noticeably dry. Never forget to moisturize, especially during winter.

Applying Eye Make Up That Isn’t Waterproof

Eye liner or mascara that isn’t waterproof won’t be strong enough to endure longer than a short time. With its fading, half of the problem is already solved. Simply fix it by applying waterproof make up over the remnants.

Chapped Lips

Our lips simply don’t do well when exposed to harsh cold weather. Without proper care, they will get dry and chapped. Not drinking enough water and chewing on your lips are the main causes. Chap stick or lip stick with beeswax will do a better job than lip gloss so keep that in mind.

Getting Rid of Your Hair

Hair grows faster in summer so if you’re trying out something new that you’re not sure about, wait for the summer. I cut my hair and now I regret it.

The Wrong Hairstyle

Women just can’t seem to leave their hair alone. Truth be told, hairstyles don’t belong in autumn or winter. Its simply too cold for that.

Looking Great in Bad Boots

If we purchase boots for winter based solely on their appearance, we are giving comfort and warmth up for beauty. Go with the waterproof boots that are both warm and fashionable. After all, fashion is about making you feel confident.

Cheapest Sweaters

We all know that every year on Black Friday is the start of big sales. If you want the best sweaters, you must resist the temptation and do your shopping earlier. Once Black Friday arrives, everything will be picked over. It’s happened to me. Don’t let it happen to you.

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