Top 10 Minecraft Seeds Updated

This top 10 Minecraft seeds list is my personal opinion, and yours may differ from my own opinions. Also I would like to point out some of these seeds you may have already heard of. I hope you enjoy this article of my top 10 minecraft seeds, and have a nice day.

The first top 10 Minecraft seed on my list for today is the seed “gold”. This seed so far mainly contains a good cliff or cavern type system for building houses on the side of the cliff or mountain. This map is decently good because it usually has coal and sometimes iron in your house area if you dig it out a little bit. I personally still make charcoal and use it to make my torches as finding coal can be a bit difficult to find some times. Other then that I would probably make a pretty big house system with this kind of world design.

The second Minecraft seed on the list is the “2012” seed. This seed for me likes to start me off near a sandy beach type area with some trees and a good rocky area with a good amount of coal on the surface. This helps so I do not have to make charcoal, saves wood that I could use for my house, and tools. I like this Minecraft seed because it offers a good type beach house area. I have not mined below the surface much as I was spending a lot of time making a good beach house. So I do not know if there are a lot of caves or dungeons.

The third Minecraft seed for today is the seed “creepers”. It is not completely as it sounds the creepers are not spawned to much, but there are a lot more caves, and dungeons. I like this seed because it helps sometimes with resource gathering as there might be certain resources in the dungeon or cave I explored. In one of the caves I found a ton of iron and gold. Another went down far enough and I found about 7 diamond blocks in one area.

the fourth Minecraft seed for today is the seed “Skyrim”. The Skyrim seed basically starts me off in a icy or snowy type area. There is a decent amount of trees around and a good amount of ice/water. This area is fun to play around for quite some time and finding some resources can take a little bit longer. So if you enjoy snowy areas from the start this would be a good seed to use.

The fifth Minecraft seed for the day is the seed “Glacier”. Some of you may know Glacier as it is a fairly popular Minecraft seed. I have not got around to playing it until recently and some of my favorite mountain formations are seen in this seed. The first thing I did was build a house inside a mountain and dug my way up to the top, and built a castle on top of the mountain. Which was fun to do, and makes my area rather safe. I then placed lava around the mountain just for fun and started a rather large forest fire. It can be fun but watch out for a cave system inside the mountains as a creeper might be waiting to blow you up if you make one mistake.

The sixth seed on my list to cover is the “heaven” seed. The main reason why I liked the heaven seed a lot is because of the mountain foundation allowed me to basically build all the way to the top of the mountain and had enough trees near by to build a big wooden house on the top of the mountain. This also allows me to avoid creepers from blowing up most my home since it is way above ground level. The only real enemy threat for mountain based homes are the spiders.

The seventh seed on the list is the seed known as “meen”. This seed unlike the previous mountain region this one is a dungeon, and cave type seed. Usually you can spawn near some dungeons near the surface. Which can make things interesting if you are playing on hard as you could run into a lot of enemies early on. Also the dungeons could be a good thing and you might find rare or valuable resources in the dungeon.

The eighth seed on my list is the seed “72164122”. Which basically is a seed where you have a good chance of finding lava on the surface which I like to use as a defense against creatures at night and also use it as a light source. However it can be a bad thing to do this as if you have wood near the lava it will burn or you might fall in and burn to death. Which is why you need to be careful and build using stone, and it allow me to have more fun playing as I have to be on edge.

The ninth seed on my list is the seed “hatinsnow”. Which is a seed where I found a lot of trees and started building a custom map that uses a lot of wood. It also has a few great places where you can make secret exits and has a few good mountain formations. The reason why I prefer this minecraft seed is it does not tend to lag as much as some of the others. This minecraft seed so far is my personal favorite one at the time of writing this article.

The tenth and final seed on the list is “ChuckNorris” seed. I chose this one not because the name is famous as I dislike the actor personally, instead I chose this because of the desert type area. This make it a little more interesting as there is fewer trees and I tend to like using cactus’s as a defense from enemies. The desert area makes it nice if you like fighting the enemies at night since you tend to have more space to work with.

I would like to point out that the top 10 minecraft seeds list is my personal opinion, yours may differ from my own. Also I hope you enjoy this top 10 Minecraft seeds article, and have a nice day. If you would like to check out some more Minecraft seeds like the Minecraft beta 1.8 seeds check the resource section.

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