Top 3 Star Wars Games and Crafts

Do the kids in your life love Star Wars? Need ideas for Star Wars games and crafts? Whether you are celebrating a birthday, hosting a children’s party or just preparing fun activities for your own kids, these creative games and crafts will be a big hit with your young Star Wars fans.

Destroy the Death Star Bean Bag Toss

The children will love making their own Proton Torpedoes and Death Star targets and then throwing their bean bags to hit and destroy the Death Star.

Make bean bags using balloons. The process is fun and easy. I use unpopped popcorn kernels as they are small and easier to get inside the balloon. Stretch the balloon out a little before trying to pour in the popcorn kernels. Use a funnel for easier filling of the balloons. Once the filled balloon is the right size for you, tie it closed.

Supply the children with butcher paper to draw their Death Star targets on. For the simplest level of ability, children can draw a large circle. More advanced Star Wars fans and artists will need time to get the dimensions and details just right for their drawings. Luke Skywalker aimed for a small spot to destroy the Death Star so be sure to draw a small bullseye and let that be the destruction spot for the Death Star.

All at once, or taking turns, children stand back, aim their weapon and throw the bean bag, trying to hit their bullseye. Encourage all the kids to make explosive sounds as the Death Star is hit and destroyed. These explosions will add more fun and noise to your party, adding to the overall theme of Star Wars.

Pod Races

Find cardboard boxes, large enough to fit around a child. Fold the box top and bottom flaps into the box. This way a child can step into the box and hold the box around them. Have the children decorate their “podracer” with markers.

Develop a circular course that the children can race through to reach the finish line, leaving plenty of space for the pods to race. Line up your young Anakin Skywalker enthusiasts and let the race begin!

Lightsaber Duel

Children will have fun making lightsabers and facing the dark side in a duel.

Create lightsabers using cardboard rolls, wrapping paper rolls or paper towel rolls. Cover cardboard rolls in colored paper if desired before using markers to decorate.

Let the children be their favorite Jedi and fight with the dark side Sith Lord — Darth Vader, Darth Maul or just an unnamed dark side opponent. For the dark side you will need a fun-loving adult who does not mind being hit. Give the adult a defensive lightsaber but advise the adult to use it sparingly.

All-crafted out or afraid you will run out of time? Use plastic foam noodles instead for lightsabers.


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