Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Small Business Payroll Application

Many people who start their own successful companies are intelligent, have field experience and an entrepreneur spirit to get things done. However, when it comes to accounting, and in particular payroll software, they often stumble.

With so many payroll software companies out there competing for your business, each with their own set of claims and promises to help you achieve your goals, how could you possibly narrow down your choices? Whether you’re looking for a company that offers the lowest prices, or one that gives you the best service and quality payroll software for your money, it will all be easier once you learn to recognize some of the common mistakes that people make when choosing payroll software. Below are the 5 most common mistakes along with a few straightforward tips to read, heed, and be on your way to finding small business payroll software that best suits your needs.

Mistake #1: Choosing a Payroll Software Based Solely On Price

Price is certainly a major factor when it comes to the payroll system. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” couldn’t be any truer. Searching the internet for the best possible prices is one thing, but if you want great printing, you should make your decision based on the overall value you receive – not just because they have the lowest price!

Mistake #2: Assuming All Payroll Software Are The Same!

There are several payroll systems available that can take care of business needs ranging from small business to larger enterprises. All you need to do is to take a look around and make the right choice. You can choose from accounting suite such as Peach tree, QuickBooks, etc. If you are small business owner and has limited knowledge of computer and finance, stand alone software, such as ezPaycheck from, may be a better choice. Such software is very easy to setup. For example, ezPaycheck comes with sample database and user can print first check in minutes.

A payroll software suits your business size is very important.

Mistake #3: Know Nothing about Small Business Payroll Software before Purchasing

Of course payroll software must calculate taxes accurately. But as payroll software for small business owners, it must be simple, straight-forward and user friendly as well. It cannot expect the small business owner to be an expert at computers and finance. If you start a payroll application and cannot figure out how to use the buttons after 10 minutes, it may a good decision to forget this payroll software.

The basic features of payroll software are:

– Calculate employee earnings and deductions

– Deduct federal, state, and local payroll taxes in accordance with the laws

– Print payroll checks

– Prepare and print related tax forms, such as W-2s

– Generate reports and keep IRS-required records

Mistake #4: Purchase a Payroll Software without Testing the Trial Version

Test drive trial version of the payroll software efficiently. Firstly, you should be very comfortable with the GUI and should be able to handle it on your own even before you make a purchase. Ask for trial version of the desired software. Many payroll software companies provides free download version from their web site. Make sure you test the trial version enough before making a serious purchase.

Mistake #5: Purchasing without Noticing Hidden Fee

Be sure to check for any hidden charges while making the purchase. You may need to pay annual charges for updates. Make sure you know how much you need to pay next year to renew it.
Payroll tax calculation issues are the single most significant set of regulatory burdens for most small firms. I hope this article will help you find the right payroll software for your business.

About is a provider of easy-to-use 1099, W2 and Payroll Software solutions for accountants and small to medium size businesses. ezPaycheck payroll software makes small business accounting a breeze with free trial, no registration, and no obligation.

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