Top 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Keep a Man

Have you been on numerous dates and had a couple of boyfriends, but they always left? You know you’re beautiful and a great person, but for some reason, you just can’t fathom why you can’t keep him happy. The reasons may be right under your nose. Here are the top five reasons why you probably can’t keep a man:

1. You don’t show him enough attention. Men love attention! They want it morning noon, and night. No, I’m not just talking about sexual attention. I mean just regular, old-fashioned tuning to your man. Trust me, if you only see your man 1-2 times out of the week, eventually it will run him away. It’s different when you two have other issues such as distance and work schedules. Even still, long-distance relationships and those with clashing schedules usually don’t last very long.

2. You have too much baggage. Never, ever discuss past relationship issues with a date or new beau. No one starting a new beginning wants to hear about old news. Discussing problems all the time to a man is the fastest way to turn him off when is trying to get to know you. It only gives him the signal that you may talk negatively about him to someone else in the future, you are nothing more than a dramatic, sorrowful person who can’t seem to let go of the past, or you’re stuck on someone else. No one wants to be a rebound.

3. You’re moving too fast. Most women are desperate to find a new husband that some may discuss marriage and children as soon as the first date. Men are not good with ‘commitment,’ especially if he just met you. It’s a major, bloody-red flag. Even if you two have been dating fora while. never discuss children or marriage. Discussing things of that nature gives the man the impression that you are trying to trap him and that he is playing the game of cat and mouse.

4. You don’t have good maintenance. Maintenance refers to maintenance of your appearance. Most men like for women to be and look like women. It doesn’t mean you have to be high-maintenance, but do little small things to improve your image. Looks aren’t everything, but you at least want to show your man that you care about your appearance. Small things like getting your eyebrows done and dressing nice will show him that you are a woman who takes care of herself.

5. You’re too bossy. When in a relationship, a man doesn’t need you to act like his mother. Women can be controlling too and controlling people usually get left in the end. You don’t want your man to feel like he’s in jail every-time he’s with you. You want him to feel joyful and care-free when he’s with you. Act more like his best-friend than his mother. Most women let the mother extinct leap from the children to the man and that is a major mistake.

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