Top Collector Barbies of 2012

The newest collector Barbie dolls set for release in 2012 range from fun and quirky to elegant and refined. Whether you’re an old pro to the Barbie collecting game or are just getting started, you’ll love these great upcoming collector Barbie releases.

Dancing with the Stars Barbie

There are actually three Dancing with the Stars Barbie dolls set for release in 2012. Each are based upon a particular dance and feature wild dresses, extravagent jewelry and wonderfully coiffed hair. “Paso Doble” Barbie features an elegant and breezy black and red dress, drop earrings and black dancing heels to complete her “Paso Doble” look. “Samba” Barbie wears a fiery orange, pink and yellow feathered costume and sports a pair of complimentary earrings which scream “Samba.” “Waltz Barbie” is the picture of elegance, and wears a strapless, ruffled gown which is trimmed in faux-diamonds. These three Dancing with the Stars Barbie dolls are great choices for fans of Barbie, dancing, and Dancing with the Stars. All three Dancing with the Stars Barbie dolls retail for $39.99.

Hope Diamond Barbie

The Hope Diamond Barbie is the true diamond (no pun intended) of the 2012 collector Barbie releases. She wears a beautiful, vintage-inspired navy gown which compliments a Barbie-sized replica of the Hope Diamond wonderfully. Her gorgeous auburn hair is further complimented by her vintage inspired make-up, making this a great choice for fans of the Hope Diamond and vintage clothing. Hope Diamond Barbie retails for $79.99.

Pink in Pantone Barbie

Pink in Pantone Barbie is a fun upcoming Barbie doll that screams: pantone pink! She wears a fun dress with a skirt made entirely out of pink “pantone color chips.” Her look is inspired by the pantone matching system, which is an international reference for ink colors, and is a great choice for those that love the quirkier side of Barbie. Pantone in Pink Barbie retails for $49.99.

Dolls of the World

This year, the Barbie Dolls of the World series puts a new twist on the Dolls of the World line by including fun world-related animal companions and Barbie pink passports with each new doll in the Dolls of the World collection. “Argentina,” who is the first Dolls of the World Barbie inspired by the country, wears a striking blue flamenco-style dress and comes with a miniature baby cougar. “Australia,” the newest of the Australia inspired DOTW dolls, sports a chic khaki outfit and comes with a miniature koala. “Ireland,” the newest doll inspired by the Emerald Isle, wears a gorgeous green dress inspired by traditional wear and comes with a miniature Irish Setter puppy. “China,” who wears a gorgeous red dress with floral print, has a wild modern hairdo and comes with a miniature panda. All of the dolls in the new Dolls of the World 2012 releases retail for $29.99.

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