Top Five Best Reasons to Have a Home Bar

If you live alone, you don’t need a reason to build a home bar. You can just build one. But, somehow relationships can override your personal decisions. You’ll need to arm yourself with good reasons to have a home bar.

At five, the fifth best reason to have a home bar is it will serve as a place where you will hold your important secret organization meetings. Big decisions take place in those meetings and you need to make sure that those decisions are kept confidential. The organization is so secret, even some of your closest friends have no idea they are in the organization.

At number four, the fourth best reason to have a home bar is it was a childhood dream that you promised your great grandfather when he was on his deathbed. No one else was in the room. He asked everyone to leave so that the two of you could have a special moment alone. If your great grandfather is still alive, say it was your great great grandfather. Think ahead! Before you start giving this reason, make sure the special person in it has passed away.

At number three, the third best reason to have a home bar is that it’s a place where you can go and reflect about life, your relationships. Remember to keep bring up the fact that you go to the bar to reflect about your relationships. That will strike a strong chord. I wouldn’t be surprised if your own home bar doesn’t get built for you!

At number two, the second best reason to have a home bar is that it keeps you out of the bars. If that isn’t a good enough reason, I don’t know what one is. Who in their right mind would deny you of a home bar if it was going to keep you out of the regular bars where single people hang out, and hook up with each other?

And finally at number one, the number one reason to have a home bar is to have your own place where your friends can hang. You won’t be in the living room messing up the place. You’ll have a hideaway of your own that no one else will have to come into if they don’t want.

Use these reasons effectively. Use several of them if it looks like one won’t do. Always start with the number one best reason. If you still meet with some resistance, use the number two best reason. I really can’t see why you wouldn’t have a bar by then. But, the others are there for your support. Use them at your disposal.

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