Top Holiday Tech Gifts for Your Favorite Geek

Believe it or not there are only about 2 months left to shop and ship for gifts for the upcoming holidays. With so many choices, what should you get the Geek in your life? The so-called “Gadget Guy” from the Consumer Electronics Association says laptops, e-readers, Smartphones and iPods will all be hot this year. In addition, pet eye-view cameras, cell phone sanitizers, portable scanners, truly universal remotes, or virtual display wrap-around eyeglasses with stereo ear buds could thrill your loved ones.

Tablets are THE hot item to give this year. Specifically, the iPad 2 is number one in the line-up. Who can argue with the success of the Apple iPad? But if you don’t want to spend quite as much money, (the iPad 2 runs about $500), Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is priced at $199. Granted it isn’t as cool as the iPad 2, but if you are into buying at Amazon, this is the easiest way to go. Motorola’s new Xoom 2 is coming out next month as well. Next to the iPad 2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has the highest ratings. So many choices…

Forget buying books for your friends. Most of your cool friends have an e-reader. If not, this holiday season is an excellent time to promote literacy. Amazon has a new Kindle e-reader out for about $70. With the new screen technology, you can even read in the bright sun without glare. If they already have an e-reader, buy them a gift card for Amazon so they can buy more books.

Video eyewear is not a fashion statement. These cool wrap around glasses come with ear buds and actually let you watch videos on the inside of the lenses. The glasses connect to your Smartphone, iPod and other devices and send the streaming video to the miniature display screens. They even have widescreen capabilities, and some are even 3D. How cool is that?

Ever wonder what your dog or cat sees while they are out cruising the neighborhood? Buy a pet eye-view camera and record everything they see. (This might gross you out, so be careful…)

For your couch potato, a new universal remote may be just the ticket. The Logitech Harmony One can control up to 15 different devices such as your TV, sound system, projector, Blu-ray player, DVR and the list goes on and on. It has a 2 inch LCD color touchscreen to make it easier to navigate, and a motion detector so if it is idle for very long, it shuts itself off to conserve batteries.

Do you have any favorite gadgets you are hankering for this holiday season? Make sure you post it on Facebook, Tweet it, text Santa, and leave copious notes and hints around the house. You just may get your wish.

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