Top Musy Have IPhone Apps

With so many apps out there it is often hard to choose which ones are truly worth getting.It was hard to choose, but I think that these are the ones worth getting. I might put out a new version in the future so if you have any ideas send them to me.

Angry Birds

Since it’s release Angry Birds has sold over 15 million paid copies and is one of the best selling apps of all time. What makes Angry Birds special is it’s simple yet incredibly addictive pig-killing game play.

Touchgrind BMX

Touchgind BMX allows you to control a BMX bike on a number of challenging tracks while doing some gnarly tricks along the way. The controls are also very responsive allowing for massive combos and lots of air time.

Modern Combat 2

MC2 is the closest you will ever come to a console shooter on an iPhone. MC2 has a long single player campaign with hours of game play, there is also a 10 player multiplayer mode with a leveling system, perks, and many weapons. Every COD fan should have this on their phone.

Gangstar: Miami Vindication

GMV is the closest you will get to a 3d GTA game on the iPhone. It features a map that is many times larger than that of the original Gangstar. The story is very long (over 75 missions) and has a large assortment of vehicles such as the helicopter and SWAT van.

World of Goo

Originally for the PC, World of Goo is now on ios and has translated over perfectly. WOG is a puzzle game in which you build structures using goo balls in order to get to a pipe at the end. The game has beautiful artwork and enough levels to keep you occupied for hours.

Tiny wings

Tiny wings is a game about a bird with tiny wings so he can barely fly. The objective in the game is to open and close your wings in order to boost your speed on hills so the night does not catch up with you which results in a game over.

Backstab is a game about the Caribbean during Colonial rule. You play as Henry Blake, a Officer in the Royal Navy who was betrayed and is now seeking revenge. This game combines elements of Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto and then puts them in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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