Top Talent Agencies in Austin, Texas

You can have all the talent in the world; however, if you are not represented by a respected and talented agency then you may end up performing in local dinner theaters your entire life. If you wish to take your career to the next level and have opportunities to not only make money but stretch your artistic ability, you’ll need to sign with a talent agency. If you live in Austin, Texas you will have numerous talent agencies to choose from; however, some of these agencies stand out above the rest. Below you will find the top Austin, TX talent agencies with their contact and submission guidelines.

Collier Talent Agency:

The Collier Talent Agency is a full-service agency known throughout the region as having some of the most talent and well-respected actors and voice over talent within the area. Heather Collier, the owner and founder of Collier Talent Agency, first began as an agent with Elite Chicago/Steward Talent Agency in Chicago, Illinois as well as working with the famed Abrams Artists Agency in Los Angeles and New York City. The Collier Talent Agency represents both union and non-union actors, and encourages beginner and professional actors to submit their materials. Of course, if you have little-to-no experience do not be shocked if you are not chosen to be represented by the agency. However, submit your materials after you have gained more experience and training at one of the many acting schools in the city.

How to Submit:

If you are interested in submitting your materials to the Collier Talent Agency make sure you contact the agency or review their website to determine their current submission guidelines. The following guidelines are active upon publication of this article; however, they are subject to change. Please note that the Collier Talent Agency only represents actors, ergo they do not represent models.

To be considered by the agency, submit your headshot, resume and demo reel (if one is available) to the address below; within your cover letter, describe your experience as an actor and include all relevant training. After you have submitted your materials, the agency will typically respond within 30 days of receipt. If the agency declines representation, you may re-submit your materials in three to six months.

Collier Talent Agency
2313 Lake Austin Blvd., Suite 103
Austin, TX 78703

Acclaim Talent, Inc.

Acclaim Talent has been serving this area of the country for over 20 years, and throughout its time the agency has developed a name for itself not only with local actors, but also with the local filmmaking community. If you are searching for an agency that will provide you with personal attention and the ability to take your career to new heights, then you’ll want to submit your materials to Acclaim Talent. The talent agency represents a variety of talent, which include: on-camera actors, voice-over talent, children/teen actors, latin actors and entertainment professionals such as spokespersons, models, trade show presenters, speakers, dancers and celebrity personalities.

How to Submit:

If you’re interested in having the agents at Acclaim Talent, Inc. review your materials for potential representation, mail your headshot/resume/cover letter to the address below. Make sure to contact the agency prior to submission to ensure these guidelines are still honored.

Acclaim Talent, Inc.
1516 S. Lamar, Suite #`113
Austin, TX 78704

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