Top Tips for Learning a New Language

Whether you are learning a new language for work or just for fun it is an exciting and enjoyable process, something that you will remember for many years to come. Of course, everyone learns in different ways, and sometimes traditional learning of a language is not suitable for everyone. To successfully and quickly learn a new language it is important that you find out how you learn and retain information. For example, I learn by reading things over and over again, however some people learn better from listening or writing. Find out what way or even ways work for you and that is half the battle of learning a new language won.

Here are some more top tips for learning a new language:

· Immerse yourself in the language. Why not book a holiday to a destination where the language you are learning is spoken. Hear how the locals speak and get to grips with the language first hand. · Use a way to learn that works for you, some people learn from reading, others from listening, and others from a combination of methods, so find out what helps you learn and remember and then go with it. · Begin reading and viewing websites in the language you are learning, even if you cannot understand anything or everything you will still be getting to grips with how the language looks when written. · Make use of online resources, there are lots of websites out there that offer both free and paid for Language resources. · Test yourself at regular intervals to ensure you are picking up the lingo. · Use offline resources. Libraries are fantastic, they offer language resources in the form of books and CD’s, both of which come in handy when learning a new language · Practice, practice, and practice. When learning a new language it is helpful to practice speaking out loud. Use both online and offline resources to help you hone your techniques and speech. · Remember to have fun with it, apparently you learn quicker when you are enjoying what you are leaning!

Finally, it is worth noting that everyone learns at a different pace, and there is no point rushing through learning a new language if say you only retain 50% of what you have learnt. Instead, take time to familiarise yourself with the language, the phrases and how they all work together. Get to grips with the basics of the language and the rest will be plain sailing.

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