Tori Amos is Beautifully Weird on the “Night of the Hunters”

Tori Amos is crazy in the best ways possible. I’ve always loved and hated her different sounds over the years, hit and miss for sure. Her album “Night Of The Hunters” is possibly going to divide camps as well, but as a complex classical music concept album, well, it is the best time traveling shape shifter album I’ve heard in a long while.

In my review title I say Tori Amos is beautifully weird, and she is, but vocally on “Night Of The Hunters” I think she is slightly more subdued than on past albums. Her quirks are still in there, but playing more in the classical music genre her theatrics fit and there is less outside of the lines kookiness overall; though the picture doesn’t really have lines to begin with. It’s an all overall masterpiece of sorts, but with room for improvement ala her magnum opus may be yet to come.

“Shattering Sea”: A beautiful classical piece that one might find orchestrated through a Disney movie, but Tori Amos goes and bloodies it up with some darker than not lyrics and makes the vibe an interesting one for sure.

“SnowBlind”: Wow, interesting from the first lyric sung. Tori Amos used her daughter and niece as guest vocalists on the album and one of them is on this song. It confused me at first because the younger one opened the song and then Tori blended in right behind, almost making the lines a continuation and seeming at times like it is one person going skitzo; beautifully so. Very unique song and a good listen.

“Battle Of Trees”: You should put on your theater tux for this one. Tori Amos takes you on a lengthy journey of story and her voice toys with you in that sly way Tori Amos has wooed listeners and repelled them all the same. It was too long for me, but I was into it for a good bit.

“Fearlessness”: Another lengthy piece of elegance, this one with better than “Battle Of Trees” for me due to vocal choices backing and forefront with more of a passionate edge ala epic, romantic drama in lyric and sound. I would probably often skip “Battle Of Trees” and listen to “Fearlessness” if I were in the mood for such a song.

“Cactus Practice”: This time the back and forth with a child is not as interesting, in the shadow of “SnowBlind.” On it’s own though, if you were to hear it may be fresher. The duo do well here, but in a “is what it is” and “if you like that type of music” sort of way, as opposed to wow across the boards.

“Star Whisperer”: Amos is still going strong in the classical sense, but I’m getting itchy in my seat and thinking about the concessions stand. If you have to pee, good time to leave probably, almost a ten minute long song.

“Job’s Coffin”: Tori Amos has passed on her playful vocal style to the young guest vocalist here. She toys with pronunciations and delivery, subtle, yet noticeable and all the time soft on the ears. Awesome song really. If Tori had been the main vocalist though it would have blended in as just another track of same old stuff, but instead it rings fresh and pretty.

“Nautical Twilight”: “Sheeeeee,” the “Sheeeee” high note spot is the only thing that brightened this one for me. The rest was just kind of ho-hum.

“Your Ghost”: The moment of concept within the song is actually interesting, but it’s a bit boring to me to listen to.

“Edge Of The Moon”: Babe, is this show much longer?

“The Chase”: Kid and lady going back and forth telling a tale about what is going on and what they are going to do, almost feels like fantasy play ala two kids one-upping with each turn as they battle their dolls against opposing forces.

“Night Of Hunters”: It could have been better served as a mere instrumental in my mere opinion.

“Seven Sisters”: Pure instrumental, one song too late, and it’s piano with flute, flute that’s not dong anything for me. I think it’s a flute.

“Carry”: No big climax, pretty song, but I felt the album should go out with some sort of standout roar.

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