TOS Review – Apologia – Who is God?

Apologia is a well known name in the Homeschooling community as well as through the church communities.

I have enjoyed Apologia’s products in the past and we actually have one product we are currently using within our home for science.

When I was asked to do this review for Apologia’s new book called Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him? I was very excited and my children were also excited. This is the first book in the series. The series is entitled What We Believe and there is a total of four volumes that will complete the set.

When it arrived at our door we immediately dove into the book.

The book is laid out in a notebooking format as many of their other books are laid out.

If you have never seen an Apologia book that is laid out in the notebooking format then you are truly missing out. The notebooking format breaks up large chunks of subject matter into more manageable pieces of information for younger children and even us adults who are a little thick skulled.

It is great for a family who studies together with many different age ranges. The book is broken up so that older children can help the younger children and so on. It is really a neat format, especially for those of us who are not so structured or are a little more relaxed in our homeschooling approaches.

The way the notebooking style is developed gives parents and children the opportunity to just get a small chunk of information processed or get several chunks of information processed in one sitting.

The book comes with a suggested schedule but as with all schedules I usually don’t adhere to them and they usually get tossed to the side.

The book is so flexible that it allows for this because after all we are all created differently.

Would you like to take a peak inside this book for yourself? Apologia offers individuals to view the Table of Contents or even a Sample Lesson from the book before you buy.

Overall the book is a wonderful tool for families. The book is laid out in a very readable, proportioned, and manageable way so that readers can understand what messages are trying to be conveyed.

I however had one problem with the book! I know Shocker right?

Anyway, I was very unhappy with all the different versions of the Bible that were used throughout the text. We are a family who uses the King James Version and feel that a lot of the other versions of the Bible water down the actual word. Personal preference and one that we will continue to have.

I understand why Apologia used the different versions of the Bible throughout the text but was disappointed by this.

Here’s What My Children have to SAY….

Jacob (15)

“It wasn’t to bad. I enjoyed it because it had good points in it about the Bible.”

I would rate this a 9 out of 10.

Kyle (11)

“I like it because it is different. It explains things better than other programs. It gives you real life examples.”

I would give this a 9 1/2 out of 10.

Brianna (10)

“I thought it was okay. I liked it. It helped me learn about God even more. It was fun.”

I would give this 150 out of 200.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him? , you can find it listed at Apologia’s website for $39.00 plus shipping.

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