Total Gym 3000 Review

The Total Gym 3000 is an at-home full gym unit that can help you strengthen, sculpt, and tone every major muscle group of your body without needing a gym member ship or hogging up extra space in your home. The Total Gym 3000 includes a single glide board with several attachments used specifically for maximizing your workout. By using the glide board to lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity, you get a fluid and smooth resistance for the ultimate workout. You can easily increase the resistance weight once you improve your strength my simply raising the incline of the Total Gym 3000. By increasing the resistance and incline, your body has to work hard for each rep of each exercise. In doing this, you tone every lower body muscle groups even if you think you’re just working out your biceps. The Total Gym 3000 works your upper body, lower body, abs, and cardiovascular system all simultaneously. By using the Total Gym 3000 to gain muscle mass and reduce body fat, the strength training allows your body to boost its metabolism and continue to burn more calories so you can keep a great, toned look.

The Total Gym 3000 comes equipped with an advanced pulley and cable system as well as other accessories such as a standard squat stand and a wing attachment. The pulley and cable system in addition with the wing attachment allows you to sculpt and tone your upper body. There are several exercises that become possible with these attachments for getting a great bicep, tricep, and back workout. The squat stand helps you to create completely sculpted quads and calves. You can also use the wing attachment along with the squat stand for extra resistance or maximizing your workout routine by working both your arms/back and quads/calves at the same time. The Total Gym 3000 is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds, so users with virtually any body type can use this at-home unit to get a maximum workout, whether you want to shed several pounds of bulk up on muscle mass.

Total Gym 3000 also features several exercise aids. In addition to the wing, squat stand, and cable/pulley attachments, this unit also features steel handles and chrome upper rails that support more than 60 different exercises. The 6-8 Minute Workout DVD comes with the Total Gym 3000 and has 12 guided work-along workouts for both men and women who are short on time. The Total Gym 3000 also comes with the Start It Up! workout DVD and a quick-glance wall poster that demonstrates 35 different exercises the Total Gym 3000 is capable of. In addition, the this at-home workout unit is an extreme space saver since when you’re not working out on it, you can simply fold it up and tuck it in a corner!

These Total Gym units, including Total Gym 3000, were at first manufactured for rehabilitation centers to help people recovering from physical injuries. The Total Gym units are perfect for the joints because the gliding motion of the unit doesn’t put pressure on your body and the different height levels can benefit any fitness level. In addition, the glide board is completely padded so it creates comfort and support for the back. This rehabilitation unit eventually made it to main stream at-home work out consumers because of it’s low-stress, great workout qualities. With the Total Gym units, you can get an intense workout in a short time without sacrificing your body to harsh equipment that can hurt your joints over time.

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