Trendy Summer Hairstyles for Little Girls

Little girls want to be trendy in the summer just as much as their Mother. Moms need styles for their girls that are manageable yet cutesy. No parent wants to sit their for more than 15 minutes untangling knots, brushing, and creating a look that will hold its own in the hot heat. Make your girl the trendy princess she wants be with these fun looks.

Braided Pigtails

Some girls find pigtails a tad boring, spice them up with braids wrapped around the base of them. This will give the look of 2 styles in one. You don’t have to be an expert in hair to be able to achieve this look. If it’s not perfect no need to worry, because messy is in for all.

The braids will help hide any frizz or fly away’s in the hair,especially if the humidity is high.

Either start on dry or wet hair. If you’re stuck on time and want the hair done quicker go with the dry attempt. Just make sure though the hair is free of knots.

Apply a small amount of hair serum to the hair. Now part the hair down the middle. DON’T WORRY IF THE PART IS CROOKED. Uneven, zig zag, or messy parts are all the rage.

Create a pony on each side. Leave out a few pieces to make the braid. Braid the hair and wrap around the base of the ponytail. For more creativity place a few different colored rubber bands going down the length that’s left of the pony.

Headband Magic

Headbands are so in for summer 2012. Just because most of the websites refer to just woman, this look also goes for little girls and some boys for that matter.

You can create so many different looks using a headband. Wear the hair all down with band on top of the head, wrap it around a ponytail, or you can even wrap one band in each pony. Great summer looks for the girl and her mother. If you don’t have a headband opt for a bandana.

Pony Bun

Can’t get easier than this. Shine up the hair using hair serum. Gather the hair into a loose or tight ponytail. Then hold the ponytail in your hand slightly pushing up to create a small bump and place a barrette.

Scrunched Wet Look

Mist the hair so it’s damp enough to scrunch. Apply a generous amount of serum throughout the hair to take away any frizz. Then spray a gel, scrunch spray or salt spray to the entire head. Place the girl’s head upside down and have her scrunch the hair using her hands and fingers.

Lift the head up scrunch again and spray. Accessorize with a flower, bow, or clip.

Sources: Professional Beautician

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