Tri-State Lottery Winning Methods

Tri-State lottery winning pick 3 numbers are set.

The winning numbers present joy from this side. The opportunity for lotto bettors to make good money across New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine is pleasing.

Please pay close attention.

I am going to give you the winning pick 3 numbers.

Winning Tri-State Lottery Methods.

The key to winning Tri-State lottery is studying the trends. The majority of lotto players may believe otherwise. Please put your good energy into winning these numbers. The potential 500% payout is around the corner.

The group started playing the current trend on 8/2/2011 with the winning pick 3 number 265. That winner repeated one week later on 8/10/2011. This time around it played backwards as 562.

The trend is intact. They may choose whichever way the number is going to play. I do always advocate playing six-way position.

The important thing to bear in mind is that the 265 came twice.

New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont lottery continued the trend with pick 3 number 869 that HIT on 8/14/2011. The next winning number in the group that followed was 793. The 793 played straight on 8/19/2011.

The good 60% of the group played so far in August. I cannot tell you that the remaining winning numbers are going to play this month.

The history of the group so far, is a good indication of what could happen for the remaining winning numbers.

You should, however, look at it from the potential payout standpoint. A $1 straight winner pays you about $500. That potential payout is good justification to play the numbers longer than one day when necessary.

The ones that won, did in less than one month. This means that you should be adequately prepared.

You should exercise patience. That is what you will need along with the winning numbers.

Winning Tri-State Pick 3 numbers.

The trend is in place. The trend started as I mentioned earlier with 625 that played two times. That pick 3 winner is pulling down 782. The 782 moves with the 625.Please consider playing that from this point onward. The 782 is coming, and it is bound to play twice.

The next winning number in the group is 727. The above two winning pick 3 numbers are going to make good money for you.

The trend is your friend. Please study it to help you win more consistently.

You have the winning numbers. The only thing you need to bring is patience.

That will always put you ahead.

This is your time!

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