Trick or Treat

Making her first appearance of the night, the girl dressed in a fairy costume hurried up the hill, eager to get lots of candy. The enormous white house stood out from the rest of the homes in the town. Statues filled the yard and lights lined the driveway to the door. How amazing the yard looked with flowers everywhere and a pool in the back, surrounded by lighting on the tall fence. She rapidly ran to the door, ranging the doorbell. Opening the door was an old lady, appearing to be grumpy, by the expression on her face.

“Trick or Treat.”

“Get away from my house little girl. I have no candy for you. You are just like the others, a beggar.”

“My name is Emma.”

Grabbing a broom from the corner, the old women walked toward her, demanding to sweep her away. Emma looked onward at her and stared, as if to meet her eyes. Stumbling on a rug, the lady fell, breaking her leg and knocking over a candle on the table. Smoke and flames rapidly filled the area. The fire department came immediately, saving her, but most of her possessions were ruined. Emma never looked back at the old lady’s house. Happily, she walked away, as the old lady wanted.

The next house on the block was glowing with Halloween decorations. An older, blue, two story house, with an accommodated wheel chair ramp, lead to the porch. Emma calmly strolled up the long ramp and knocked on the door. A teary eyed younger woman answered the door. Her eyes were puffy and red.

“Trick or Treat.”

The lady grabbed her candy bowl and dropped a big handful of goodies in her pumpkin candy container.

“What’s the matter lady, why are you crying?”

“My son, Donnie disappeared a couple hours ago, hiding somewhere. I yelled at him. He can’t walk. I have searched and screamed out his name, but he can’t be found. I am so afraid something has happened to him.”

“When I’m mad at my parents, I go far back in my closet and pile lots of clothes on top of me, so they can’t find me.”

The lady looked at her husband and they hurriedly ran up the stairs, to his room. There he was asleep in the corner of his closet, with a heap of clothes covering him. She picked him up, gave him a gigantic hug and ran back down the stairs.

“Thank you so much sweet girl for helping me to find my son.”

Emma looked toward Donnie and gave him the biggest wink.

“Is everything better for you now?”

All of a sudden the boy wiggled down from his mother’s lap and stood. The mother gasped in disbelief as she stood by her son who was wobbling, but now could stand. Emma vanished out of sight, in direction of the house next door.

There stood a small older, beige colored dwelling in need of repairs, with hardly any grass in the front yard. From the porch was a yellow bug light shinning. Three steps lead the way to the front door, in need of a coat of paint. Emma knocked one time and very promptly, a nice middle aged female answered the door.

“Trick or Treat.”

“I am so sorry, but I don’t have any candy. My husband was laid off two months ago and can’t find a job. I have applied for a manager’s position, at the store down the street, but so far have not heard anything back from them.”

Emma started to walk away, but then paused as the kind lady called to her.

“Wait just a minute. You are so beautiful. There must be something here to give you. I think there is a candy bar in my purse.”

The women dug through her purse to find it and kindly put it in Emma’s hand.

Emma thanked her for the candy bar, as she looked into her eyes.

“Your phone is going to ring.”

A few minutes later the phone rang and a man’s voice said,” You are hired for the manager position at my store. I need you to start right away. Come to work Monday morning. I will give you double the salary promised.”

Emma was gone in a flash, finishing the night with one last stop for candy.

Almost hiding among the tall trees was a nice home, with a brick front. The porch light was evident from the street. A huge yard was piled with car parts and junk thrown about. Dodging the trash on the pathway to the door, Emma knocked, but no one answered. Taking into consideration that the garage door was up and a man was walking about, she entered.

“Trick or Treat.”

The dirty clothed man then slid back under the car, he was working on.

“Go away; I haven’t any time for Halloween nonsense. There is no candy here.”

Emma stooped down low and glanced at him.

The jack fell; the cars bashed the man’s foot. Scooting out from under the car, the man rose up and hobbled to a chair.

“You have time now,” she said, dumping half her candy on the garage floor.

Emma, they say, appeared out of nowhere, making her appearance on Halloween. People declare that she shows up in a different town, year after year, dressed in a fairy costume, knocking on the door to “Trick or Treat.”

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