Trick or Treating Safety Tips

With just days before Halloween, kids and adults alike are counting down to trick or treating in their scariest get ups. Keeping in mind that dark streets and masks are not a good not a good combo, follow these safety guidelines and use common sense to insure a safe and fun holiday.

-Flashlights, and safety tape: October gets dark early on so be sure to bring plenty of flashlights, and use a reflective tape on costumes. Added touches like glow sticks or necklaces help make children easier to see. Don’t always rely on street lights.

-Stay in groups: The larger the better, staying in a group can make it harder for children to be lost or kidnapped. Even on a holiday, don’t trust every house to be a friendly homeower and use caution when approaching a house that seems questionable. Take a cell phone if no parents or older siblings can attend the group. A family dog also makes a nice addition even if the dog isn’t prone to aggression, someone might think twice before walking up to a dog that may or may not take up a fight to protect its human.

-Make sure costumes fit well enough to not restrict movement or vision: The last thing a kid needs when stumbling around in the dark is a costume they are tripping over or an ill fitting mask that makes walking in the street dangerous.

-Establish check in times and a route: In case of emergency have a contact time to check in with family and don’t go beyond the established route so if a parent doesn’t hear from a child in the desired amount of time they know where to go looking.

-Don’t eat any candy before having it inspected by an adult: Even familiar houses can’t always be trusted so always have an adult check the candy bag .

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