Triple H VS CM Punk at Night of the Champions: Match Prediction

CM Punk was suppose to have a match against Kevin Nash at Night of The Champions 2011. Triple H made the match on Monday Night Raw (August 29 2011). However later on in the night Triple H informed Punk that he will be facing himself at Night Of the Champions. This means Triple H will lose his suit and tie and get back into his old wrestling gear. Lets talk about who is more likely to win the match at Night of The champions.

CM Punk’s popularity has soared since he has returned to the WWE. It seems that the WWE is finally ready to make Punk a steady part of the main event scene. This could be one of the reasons why Punk is going to win the match. On the other hand, Triple H has not been in a wrestling match in months, and the last match he was in he lost. With that said it is a best bet that Kevin Nash will end up interrupting the match and Triple H will end up securing a victory.

The match is going to be very good, probably the best match at Night of The Champions. Punk and Triple H will put on one heck of an entertaining match, and Punk will once again prove to the WWE and the world that he has what it takes to be a main eventer and remain a main eventer. Putting CM Punk in a match against Triple H is brilliant and will definitely boost Punk’s career. Punk will most likely end up facing Nash in September, and Punk will most likely secure a victory over Nash too.

Don’t miss this match though because it is certainly going to be filled with action and surprises.

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