Trout Bait: The Best Way to Rig the Most Effective Live Trout Bait

Whenever the subjects of ‘trout bait’ or ‘the best baits for trout’ are discussed, the best way to rig those baits inevitably comes up. Many questions come to mind such as; what is the best bait for trout, should I use live or manufactured bait, what bait works best in what season, or how do I rig my trout bait for fishing? These are all good questions when it comes to trout fishing and trout bait, and in this article I will outline the best way to rig the most effective live trout bait for fishing, especially when it comes to river fishing situations.

Anytime that live trout bait is the subject, especially the most effective live bait for trout is the subject, it’s important to list some of the more popular choices. As far as live baits for trout fishing are concerned there are basically 4 top choices. Sure these aren’t the only live bait choices available when it comes to trout fishing, these baits are simply the 4 of the top choices available when it comes to trout fishing. The choices are minnows, maggot/meal worms, live worms, and crickets/grasshoppers.

These are all good choices when it comes to trout bait, but two of the four have problems when it comes to carrying them while trout fishing. My favorite place to fish for trout is in small rivers and streams while wading and minnows as well as crickets/grasshoppers are difficult to carry on the water when wading. This simple fact makes these baits less effective, simply because they are difficult to use effectively, especially in river fishing situations.

Live worms and maggots/mealworms on the other hand are very easy to carry while wading and fishing in rivers which gives these trout baits a “leg up” as far as live trout baits are concerned. The only issue with maggot/meal worms is that these baits are most effective during the cold weather months when river trout are difficult to catch no matter what type of trout bait is employed. This leaves our friend the live worm, which is the most effective live trout bait for ease of use, availability, and portability.

So what is the best way to rig this live bait for trout fishing? The best way to rig live worms for fishing in river situations is a set of gang hooks. When rigged on a set of pre-tied gang hooks this live trout bait is extremely effective, especially when river fishing. As a matter of fact this rig can be used for live worms successfully when fishing for any species of fish that swims in small rivers and streams, including large small mouth bass and even walleye.

The bottom line is that when fishing for trout while wading in river and stream situations, the most effective live bait for trout is live worms and the best way to rig said worms is a set of gang hooks. Add these hooks to your trout fishing arsenal and you will become a much more successful trout fisherman.

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