True Home Values

What are Home values? Many people have the idea that home value is how much money you can get for your home when you sell it. Homeowners Associations (HOA’s), especially Mandatory HOA’s, make all kinds of rules and regulations, some of them ridiculously stupid, to supposedly protect “home values.” What they are really promoting is not “home” values, but house monetization.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “A house is not a home” then you have an idea of what true home values are. A house is what you put into it, it has nothing to with what it is “worth” when you sell it. Homes are meant to be lived in, a home is where there is agape love, caring, family and friends. A true home begins with the highest possible value: Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

A home is not a big house, a fancy house, a cookie cutter house, a house that has to have a certain color of paint or the yard in a certain condition, those are not homes, those are just houses and regardless of how much money one can get for them, they are essentially worthless if they don’t start with the love of Jesus.

A home is where people pray, and read the Holy Christian Bible both individually and together. A home is where the family sits down to meals together. A home is where the children play and the adults enjoy each other’s company.A home is where the pets play and enjoy their God given talent.

A home is where pets, if any, poop on the floor and the children, if any, write on the walls.A home isn’t concerned too much with the need for paint on the outside, scratches on the floors or

how green the grass is.A home is where people reside that know messes can be cleaned and don’t worry about such things.

A home is where you borrow sugar from or lend sugar to the neighbors. A home is where you gladly serve your fellow man in his or her needs and you allow your fellow man to serve you. No, a house is not a home, it is so much more.

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