Turkey Fruit Plate

Some people forego breakfast on Thanksgiving day because they know that, later, they’ll feast. Others have to have a little something to hold them over until the huge Thanksgiving meal. Whether you’re going to prepare something for a child, or an adult, that hungry person will love a fruit plate that looks like a turkey. Full of goodies, the fruit plate is a good way to keep the stomach from rumbling while awaiting the scrumptious turkey dinner.

Core an apple but don’t peel it. Slice it into thin slices and set aside for now. Peel a navel orange and separate the sections. On a plate, begin arranging the apples and oranges. These will become the feathers of the turkey. Lay an apple slice, and then an orange slice, and continue alternating them so that you make an arch shape. The fruit slices should slightly overlap each other.

Cut a pear but don’t peel it. Cut it in half and then core it. Lay the pear on the plate, in the middle of the arch, so that the peel of the pear is facing upwards. If necessary, scoot the apple and orange slices closer together so that their tips are under the pear. Use a dried apricot to make the feet for the turkey. Cut simplistic feet shapes and tuck them under the wide end of the pear.

Use either peanut butter or cream cheese as the “glue” to add features to the turkey’s face. Use a toothpick to place two dots of the peanut butter or cream cheese to the pear. Stick a chocolate chip, point-side-down, into the peanut butter or cream cheese, to make the eyes for the turkey. Don’t have chocolate chips? Use two raisins or even two dots of black gel frosting.

Use a cashew or other nut to make the beak. Just place a dab of the peanut butter or cream cheese on the pear and stick the nut to it. For the wattle, you could use a dried cranberry or even a piece cut from fruit leather. Attach it, with the peanut butter or cream cheese, beside the beak.

The adorable turkey is so cute you’ll almost want to pass on eating it. But that grumbling stomach isn’t going to stop, so dig in, and enjoy. The fruit plate – complete with dried fruits and nuts – is scrumptious, unique, and really easy to prepare.
Turkey Fruit Plate

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