Turkey Pumpkin Pie

Here comes another Thanksgiving – turkey, dressing, pie. Sure, it’s all delicious, but it’s the same old thing. Aching to do something different for Thanksgiving this year? Hoping to wow the crowd with a unique food they’ve never had before? How about a pumpkin pie? Well, that’s a given; who doesn’t serve pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? You say it doesn’t sound all that impressive? It will be when you finish with it.

Most people have never seen a pumpkin pie with a turkey on top so you’ll amaze your guests or family when you serve the unusual pie. It’s easy to make so you won’t have to worry that you don’t have the talent or the ingredients to make it. In fact, the pie can be made quickly, by using a frozen pie, or can be a little more time-consuming, if you prefer to make a homemade pie.

Whether you purchase a frozen pie, or you make the pie from scratch, you’ll create the turkey on top in the same manner. Either make your own pie dough or purchase refrigerated pie dough. Roll out the dough and then you can create the turkey image for the top of the pie.

Do you remember when you were a child – at school or at home – and you would draw around your hand to create a construction paper turkey? You’ll do the same thing, basically, to create a dough turkey for the top of the pie. Lay your hand on the pie dough, and spread your fingers and thumb far apart. Use a toothpick or other implement to “draw” around your hand, from the side of one wrist, around each finger and thumb, and down to the opposite side of the wrist.

In addition to the hand print turkey shape you’ll need two short, slender rectangle shapes to create the legs. Lay the turkey shape on top of the pie and position the two legs. Brush butter or margarine on the turkey so that it will brown well. Bake the pumpkin pie according to box or recipe instructions.

Your guests will be amazed at the traditional pumpkin pie with the turkey on top. With cookie cutters you can even make other shapes for the top of the pie, like leaves or a pumpkin. Serve the pie with whip cream – after everyone sees it whole. You’ll never make your former pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving again.
Turkey Pumpkin Pie

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