Two Contestants Sent Home on HGTV’s “Design Star”

HGTV’s “Design Star” had a surprise ending for their episode last night. Not one, but two designers were sent home. The competition featured a crossover with the network show HGTV’d. The designers traveled to New Jersey where they were assigned the task of redecorating an entire house.
Each contestant received their assigned room by a random pick. Karl got the master bedroom, Meg the two foyers. Mark would redo the living room and adjoining dining room, while Kevin tackled the family room. Leslie and Kellie each chose the two childrens’ bedrooms.
The camera challenge for the week was to actually film the designer revealing their room to the owners of the home. John Gidding, of “Curb Appeal: The Block” was the guest judge.
After a flurry of shopping and installing and fluffing, each room was revealed. The judges favored Karl’s master bedroom and declared him the winner of the challenge. Mark was highly praised as well for his “music lounge” living room and use of raw wood in the dining area. That was where the accolades ended. Meg’s foyers seemed rushed, or unfinished, and Kellie failed to give family member Mason the bunk beds and “locker room” look that he requested. Leslie’s boy bedroom for Kyan was a mass of clutter. Even the letters of his name were not hung level. Kevin’s family room layout was odd, and the judges didn’t know what to make of a lone coffee table placed in front of the fireplace. All of the designers seemed frantic in the last half hour with the exception of Karl and Mark.
After their usual huddle, the judges declared Karl and Mark safe. Leslie was sent home. Then, in a surprise move, Tanika announced that a second contestant would be sent home as well, and that person was Kevin. Perhaps his “over the top, gushing” reveal was his undoing. Personally, I thought Kellie would go because she clearly did not give Mason the features that he requested for his room.
We are left with four designers: Karl, Meg, Mark and Kellie. The judges warned them that from here on, they must bring their best efforts to fruition. It looks like a race between Mark and Karl, but anyone can have a bad day. Stay tuned next Monday night at nine.

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