Tyson Kidd Criticizes the Sin Cara Vs. Sin Cara Match at Hell in a Cell PPV

WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd tweeted his thoughts on the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara match at last night’s WWE Hell In A Cell on PPV.

Tyson Kidd’s Tweet: Best part about being either Sin Cara? Having the mask means you don’t have to show your face after that performance.”

I’m not sure if Tyson’s tweet is scripted or unscripted, but I’m sure many people will agree with his outlook on that match. Some people believe that both Sin Cara’s botch too many moves and other people think the total opposite. Personally, the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara match at HIAC wasn’t that bad, but it sure as hell could have been much better. The rivalry between the 2 Sin Cara’s is far from over and will continue throughout the upcoming tour in Mexico. Hopefully, some more suspense will be added to this feud by then.

In addition, Tyson Kidd is a talented wrestler who obviously wants to move up to the top. If you watch NXT or WWE Superstars, then you know how talented this young man is. Kidd has to be one of the most underrated wrestlers in the WWE, if you ask me. If I’m correct, he is on the Smackdown Roster and occasionally has matches on that show. Tyson Kidd is also one of the last wrestlers to train at the legendary “Hart Family Dungeon,” and that speaks in volumes.

Tyson Kidd’s tweet may have been disrespectful, but he is talented wrestler who can back it up. He is gifted at applying submissions, high flying maneuvers, and he has a mean streak. I think Tyson Kidd deserves more than what the WWE has given at this point in his career. Yes, Tyson Kidd wasn’t out of line for taking a verbal jab at the Sin Cara vs. Sin match at HIAC. Kidd has proven that he can live up to the hype.

Source: The Contributor, Twitter

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