UFOs: Perhaps, THIS is What You Saw

It’s a bird? It’s a jet? Wait… nope, just another UFO. Indeed, reports of strange objects, mysterious crafts, and everything in between have been skyrocketing as of recent. It makes you wonder… Does the much discussed mystery associated with the pending enigmatic New Year (2012) have people buzzing for a visitation? And thus, people are seeing what they want or expect to see? Or are people mistakenly labeling natural and/or identifiable objects as UFOs? Or is there a possibility that Earth truly is a popular destination for extraterrestrial beings? No matter the case, many people the world over believe they have witnessed the aerial presence of a UFO, or Unidentified Flying Object. And yes, a great many of these cases are based on an actual observance of some sort of physical presence or “phenomena” in the sky. However, before we can assume that earth is an intergalactic tourist hotspot, we must first consider a few other possibilities…

Weather phenomena:

That UFO nestled in the sky may be nothing more than a lenticular cloud, which, with its disc shape, looks strikingly like the flying saucer commonly associated with alien aircraft. Also, the reflection of sunlight upon cloud-based ice crystals (and the visual effect it creates), electrical charges such as lightning, among other atmospheric phenomena have all been inappropriately labeled as UFOs. Who knew that the blue sky and puffy clouds could be replaced by atmospheric phenomena that could send the imagination into hyper drive?

Terrestrial aircraft (military and civilian):

I would say that the vast majority of UFOs are nothing more than terrestrial aircraft that, for one reason or another, fail to be identified. And I would say that the location where the sighting occurred is vital to the type of aircraft buzzing above you. For instance, if you live near a large commercial airport, chances are that the “UFO” above you is a large passenger plane. However, if you live near a military camp or base, then it is highly likely that the light that just zipped by was an experimental aircraft being tested by a military pilot. And don’t be too quick to dismiss the possibility of weather balloons.

Space rocks and debris:

No matter what you call them (meteors, asteroids, or meteorites), space “rocks” are likely to blame for many UFO reports. And honestly, who could blame the individuals making such reports. Indeed, a visual show is on full display when these space-based chunks of ice, dust, and/or metal come ripping into – and sometimes through – our atmosphere. Their bright lights and fast speeds would definitely evoke the presence of space visitors to some. Interestingly, sometimes these “space chunks” are actually pieces of debris/”space junk” that has managed to find its way back home via the physical forces (i.e. gravity) found in our upper atmosphere.


Generally speaking, there appears to be two broad categories of UFO-based hoaxes (or, intentionally deceptive “events”). First, if you are looking up at the night sky, and you are in witness of a triangle shaped “craft” overhead, there is a possibility that the craft/UFO is nothing more than a man-made contraption – with lights affixed – that was devised as nothing more than a stunt or joke by a person or group of crafty individuals. The second type of hoax is strongly correlated to the technology age. This hoax involves adept individuals creating visually striking, though obviously fictitious, pieces of computer generated “art” that, in many cases, is passed off as evidence of a UFO.

Alien visitors:

Yes, whether you like the idea or not, there is always a possibility that a given UFO is an actual space craft begin piloted by space travelers from another distant planet. For all we know, there is an intelligent specie out there, capable of engineering and space flight, perhaps from the Andromeda galaxy, that has set off to answer the question, “Are we alone in the Universe?” Well, you’re reading this, and I’m writing this, so we’re living, breathing proof that life exists in the universe. And perhaps, one day their travels will bring them to our door step, finally answering their question of whether they were alone in the universe or not. Or perhaps, this is already happening; meaning, these UFOs are, in fact, alien aircraft being piloted by ETs. For some, this “theory” is fact. While others believe that such an assertion is far-fetched and based in science fiction. Nevertheless, we must always consider the possibility of alien life form and its ability to travel. Why? Well, we ourselves are space travelers and explorers. We are unadulterated proof of a specie’s desire to create the technology and commence the journey outside of one’s home planet in search of life and knowledge. Thus, since it’s possible, we must always be prepared, for better or worse, to stumble upon – or be greeted by – extraterrestrial species.

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