Unholy Blood Line

As we set and stare at each other wondering who will bite who first. This is our first encounter with each other. Not knowing at first what each other is or likeness could be. For me I am a creature of the night. The other creature is also dead or of the undead world. He seeks to eat flesh and I only to suck blood and in return that I may live to see another night. I have seen this creature before only to witness a human turn into a non-leaving creature of the undead. If this creature bites me I know what will happen to me. I do not know what will happen to those who I will bite the next night. So we set and stare and my friend is unable to move or he would have tried to eat me by now. There is a name for this undead creature that walks the twinkling daylight and moonlit nights. Humans call them Zombies or the walking dead. What would happen if he bites me first or likewise me first. I can say for sure a new unholy blood line would happen between us. We shall call them Zombvamp. We shall wait to see.

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