Unique Ideas for Decorating a Finished Garage

A finished garage provides useable living space within the home, and unlike outdoor rooms in locations that experience winter to the fullest, it can be used four seasons out of the year instead of just two or three. Whether it is still occasionally used to store a vehicle or outfitted with carpeting or other stylish floor, decorating and personalizing is a must. This remodeled space that was designed for vehicles can look just as impressive as the rest of the home. Consider these unique ideas for decorating a finished garage, and use creative and practical ways to decorate this room that is destined to become a favorite place to gather.

Consider a Vehicle or Racing Theme in a Finished Garage

When looking for decorating theme ideas for a finished garage, consider a vehicle or racing theme. This is especially fitting if the room that was once a garage is still sometimes used to store vehicles. Focus on one type of vehicle or race, and display a few high quality pieces instead of filling every square inch of empty space with themed items. It will look far more impressive when the decorating is tasteful and not overdone or cheap.

Use Gutters to Create Unique and Budget-Friendly Indirect Lighting

A room that was once a garage does not usually have a good amount of natural lighting. Instead of using lamps or installing overhead lights, consider decorating with something highly unique and very affordable. Indirect lighting can be created using lengths of rain gutter material and inexpensive rope lights.

Begin by measuring and using a level to make sure the gutters will appear straight. Mount them securely across the top of one, two or all four walls twelve to eighteen inches from the ceiling. Connect and mount rope lights just above the gutters. They will direct the light upward and create a lovely glow.

Cover the gutters with faux vines to give this unique lighting even more decorative appeal. They will no longer look like rain gutters when mounted on the finished garage walls. They will give the room unique architectural appeal, and for far less than the cost of other types of decorative lighting.

Make a Finished Garage an Extension of the Outdoors

People often try to make their outdoor space an extension of their indoor living space. When seeking ideas for decorating a finished garage, how about making this finished indoor area an extension of the outdoors? This is a fantastic decorating option for those that enjoy warm temps and cannot comfortably sit outdoors all year long.

Use minimal window treatments over garage windows, and fill the space with gorgeous outdoor decor including floor plants in large eye-catching vases. Consider placing a fountain in the center of the finished garage, and complete it with lighting and live water plants. Surround it with a seating area that has been outfitted with comfy cushioned wicker furnishings. Decorating the inside of a finished garage with outdoor furnishings and decor allows family and friends to enjoy an outdoorsy environment all year long.

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